One of my favorite things about Luna is that she uses her little feet as if she was a mini human. Her lack of opposable thumbs doesn’t stop her from utilizing her paws for good (and evil).

Luna and her little feet

Luna’s Paw Related Tricks

If you say “catch” and then throw Luna a toy, she tries to catch it with her paws rather than with her mouth. It’s probably not that uncommon, but I’ve never had a dog that did it quite as much as her. Cousin Keto is great at catch, but he almost always uses his mouth.

Luna also knows a few different tricks that require her to use her feet in different ways. She knows “high five” which is one paw up and “give me ten” which is both paws.

She is also mastering “paws up”, which is when she puts her paws on an item in front of her. So far she is comfortable with our ottoman, boxes, and my legs. Luna even knows that her “BANG!” means she needs to stick her legs straight out!

Though Cousin Keto doesn’t catch like Luna, he does know a few tricks she doesn’t. Instead of “high five”, Cousin Keto knows “shake” where he will hold out his paw for you to take. He also knows “hug”, which is when we dramatically run towards each other with open arms and embrace. Now imagine that on the beach and you’ve got it. It probably helps that he is a bit bigger than Luna for that one.

How Does Luna Use Her Paws?

Luna uses her feet to dig away

Luna doesn’t just use her paws to perform tricks. She also uses them to dig. She digs in the sand, in the dirt, and under the chair that she accidentally pushed her treat under.

My guess is that Luna’s favorite thing to do with her feet is to assist her eating. She uses her paws to stabilize and hold a chew in place and sometimes gets frustrated when the chew becomes too small for her to hold.

Luna uses her feet to hold chews

Why I Love Luna’s Little Feet

I also love Luna’s little feet. She has both white nails and black nails, which I think makes her extra special. AND if you clip the white nails first, you have a better idea how far to clip the black ones. Good planning, Luna!

Even thought we think Luna is some kind of Beagle mix and is tri-colored, she definitely does not have as much white on her as a typical Beagle. Her white is more strategically placed – a little bit on her chest and a little bit at the tips of her toes.

Luna's little feet with a heart shaped treat

Because I find her paws so adorable, I have noticed that I have A LOT of photos of them. Photos from product review shoots, for various holidays and celebrations, or just because.

One thing I know for sure is that Luna has definitely left permanent paw prints on my heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Luna's feet have left paw prints on my heart
Want to see how to make your own DIY Paw Print Heart? Check it out here.

What is special about your dog’s feet?

This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge theme is FEET and this post is my submission. If you’d like to see more photos from our 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge, you can view them all over in my Flickr 52 Snapshots of Life photo album.

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