Life After Going Grain Free

A few weeks ago, I posted about nine possible benefits of going grain free with a dog food brand like Nutrish Zero Grain. Luna has been grain free on Nutrish for over a month. Today we will review that post with our own experience in mind.

To switch Luna to her grain free diet, we gradually substituted a little more of Nutrish Zero Grain for her non-grain free food every day for about a week. This was important to avoid any upset stomachs, which was critical after Luna had minor stomach issues for a little while in September.

Delivery for Luna. It is Nutrish Zero Grain

Delivery for Luna. It is Nutrish Zero Grain!

A Dog’s Natural Diet is Low in Grains
Don’t tell Luna that. She loves bread. Fortunately, I also love bread, so I eat it before she can get to it (usually).

Dogs Can Have Allergies
While Luna has no allergies that I am aware of, she also has had no negative reactions to her new grain free diet.

Dogs Eat Less on a Grain Free Diet
I experimented with this a little by giving Luna slightly less food than I would on a diet with grains. While Beagles are always hungry (she even tricked us into giving her two dinners last week), there is a difference between “I want to eat everything in sight” and “FEED ME NOW.” With a little less food, Luna did not seem to develop extreme hunger any sooner and she definitely did not lose any significant weight.

Better Overall Health
Although I cannot yet speak to this directly as it is a long term benefit, I can say that Luna has not experienced any negative reactions. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits in the future.

Easier and Healthier Digestion
Luna seems to be eating and relieving herself better than ever. No health issues have popped up and we would like to keep it that way.

Nutrish Zero Grain

Healthier Skin and Coat, Less Shedding
Luna sheds a lot in the winter time. Beagles get a fuller coat in the winter, but heated homes prevent them from needing the extra warmth. This along with fewer trips outside tends to cause a lot of shedding. The next few months will be the real test for this, but so far I have not noticed my entire couch covered in dog hair and I have hopeful confidence that it will stay that way.

Better Smelling Dog Breath
Luna’s breath has never smelt like flowers. While I did not notice significant change in the smell, it did not get any worse. Maybe Luna is just doomed to have bad breath forever.

Easier Stool Movement and Less Poop!
This has absolutely made my life easier. Before starting her grain free diet, Luna went several days without pooping. Talk about stressful. I tried all sorts of solutions and finally a spoonful of pumpkin got things moving. Now after a month of grain free food, Luna poops regularly and on schedule, which is wonderful for the apartment lifestyle. I also have not noticed any rank smells recently, which is definitely a win for me.

Grain Free Dogs Have Increased Energy
As I mentioned at the beginning, I have been feeding Luna a little less of Nutrish Zero Grain than I did of her old food, which contained grains. It could be the winter weather, but when she is not snuggling me to death, she is full of energy and always ready to go run and play. Now we just have to figure out how to burn all her extra energy.

Even with all these benefits, there is still one important question: Does it pass the taste test? Well, have a look for yourself.

Luna cannot wait to try Nutrish Zero Grain.

Luna cannot wait to try Nutrish Zero Grain.

I think it is safe to say it passes both the smell and taste tests!

If you are considering switching to Nutrish Zero Grain or another grain free diet, please consult your vet to get more information. Also make the switch gradually like I did with Luna.

Have you switched your pet(s) to a grain free diet? What benefits did you see?

This post is sponsored by Evolution Impressions. I am being compensated to share my thoughts on Nutrish Zero Grain, but the opinions expressed on Beagles and Bargains are my own and I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers.

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