A few weeks ago, Luna and I went to the Super Pet Expo. When we were there we stopped by LeashLocket’s booth and learned about their innovative new leash idea. We even got to take one home to try it out.* Luna and I have been using our LeashLocket regularly for about two weeks.

leash locket

The LeashLocket: small enough for your pet to carry!

LeashLocket is a small retractable leash that can be attached to a dog’s collar with a strong magnet. LeashLocket’s slogan is “Let Your Dog Carry the Leash For a Change!” The magnet buttons onto a collar, so the leash can snap into place. It has been very convenient to be able to leave the magnet on Luna’s collar even when we were not using the leash. Luna does not seem to notice the magnet or the leash when it is attached.


Luna wears the LeashLocket magnet for easy use!

Luna and I tried out LeashLocket’s small leash, which is for dogs who weigh up to 55 pounds. LeashLocket also has a large size for dogs up to 90 pounds.

The LeashLocket also works great with any kind of collar or harness. Luna and I tried it out with a variety of options and never had a problem with any of them!

The idea for the LeashLocket was thought of during a camping trip when a loose dog had to be caught and walked with his collar alone. Maybe that is why the LeashLocket really shines on quick walks and during travel.

Luna and I drive to my parents’ house at least once a week to give her the opportunity to run around in a fenced yard and to see my parents and cousin Keto, the Labradoodle. I always used to have to take off Luna’s leash when she was in the car for fear that it might get caught on something, so it has been wonderful to have it on her and already attached!

leash locket in car

Luna gets ready to take a trip with our LeashLocket!

Since Luna and I live in an apartment we take frequent walks everyday. In the evening I keep the LeashLocket attached, so whenever Luna scratches at the door she is already ready to go! The LeashLocket is great for quick “potty walks”.

Luna has not had leash training yet and often pulls. Her pulling made using the LeashLocket a little difficult for longer walks as it was hard to grip while she was pulling and the wrist strap was a little big. If your dog does not pull or is better trained on the leash than Luna, this should not be a problem for you!

luna wearing leashlocket

Luna does not mind wearing her LeashLocket.

I am very impressed with the durability and strength of LeashLocket. Since I have not had luck with other retractable leashes, I was worried that the LeashLocket would not give me enough control on Luna’s pulling, but the LeashLocket surprised me! It has survived all Luna’s pulling without any sign of damage and I have not had any issues with getting tangled in the leash.

In fact, I am very impressed that the leash is a ribbon instead of a wire, which is found in many other retractable leashes. Because of the small size of the LeashLocket, larger fingers may rub on the ribbon. While this may not be pleasant, it is much more comfortable than when it happens with a wire leash. The ribbon also does not seem to knot as easily.

Overall LeashLocket is great for travel and quick walks. It is small enough to let your dog carry or keep in your purse or pocket. Out of all the retractable leashes I have tried, LeashLocket is definitely one of the best. It has been super convenient, so if you and your dog travel a lot or take frequent walks, Luna and I definitely recommend the LeashLocket!

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LeashLocket is currently offering 10% off their online store with the discount code: BEST.
This discount is valid on both the large and small LeashLocket and on extra wrist straps.

*Disclaimer: I purchased the LeashLocket at a discounted price. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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