A to Z Blogging Challenge - Letter LWhat is in a dog’s name?

I have always loved unique dog names. Names that you wouldn’t find at a dog park and that set your dog apart are my favorite.

Cousin Keto was named after the mythological sea goddess (even though he is a boy) who was the parent of Medusa and the Gorgons plus a handful of other monstrous children.

Keto actually went unnamed for a few days until I came across Ceto (another spelling variation) on Wikipedia and I realized that a hideous sea monster somehow seemed to describe our new water loving furball of a puppy.

The name Keto just worked and I have yet to meet another dog with the same name.

Luna smiles

Luna on the other hand is a pretty common name. People ask me all the time why I chose Luna. I didn’t. She did.

Luna was almost Ajax, Django, Ruby, Cadbury, and a handful of other options. Those names just didn’t seem to fit.

It was actually a struggle to find a name that we thought made sense for our new dog, so we let her pick. We wrote a few names out on index cards, then set them down on the floor and picked the one she went to.

Luna moments before she picks her new name.

Luna moments before she picks her new name.

Even though Luna isn’t the most unique name, I think it was the perfect choice.

Luna is a little wacky like Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and she thinks she is a princess like Princess Luna from My Little Pony. Plus, someone once told me that dogs like to howl at the moon. I don’t know if I have ever seen that happen, but I’ll buy it.

The best part is that Luna is a never ending source of nicknames. Tuna. Loony Toons. Toons. Luna Tuna. Lunatic. Salami Stealer. Oh wait, that one is for a different reason.

How did you pick your pet’s name?

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Jessica Shipman
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