One of Luna’s commands is “Kisses” where she will lick you on your nose, but only if she feels like it. Usually she is more than happy to give a kiss, but sometimes she snubs you and turns her head away. I think it is her way of saying “You can’t tell me who to kiss!” This little dog has a lot of sass after all.

Luna is a big fan of licking. She has a weird obsession with my boyfriend’s clammy palms and is always available to help you dry off after a sweaty workout. She is also well known for her Kiss Attacks (see photo below). Sometimes she’ll even sneak into bed in the middle of the night for a surprise attack and lick your feet.

Kisses and Dogs - Is It Safe to Smooch Your Pooch? - Luna in a Kiss Attack!

While some think its gross, I don’t mind a good nose kiss from Luna, but the only person (or dog) allowed to lick my feet is me! Wait… What?

Plus the sound just drives me nuts. Slurp. Slurp.

There has been quite a bit of discussion about whether you should actually allow your dog to kiss you. Is it safe? I decided to do some digging and here is what I found:

Kisses and Dogs - Is It Safe to Smooch Your Pooch?1. Dogs do not view kissing (or licking in their case) the same as humans do. Dogs kiss for a variety of reasons including to communicate, show affection, to show submission, to groom themselves, and just to gather information.

2. Not all dogs like having their faces near human faces, so don’t force a dog to kiss. If you want to train your dog to give a kiss, then reward and praise an act they already do!

3. Keep up with your dogs dental and mouth hygiene. Although most bacteria in a dog’s mouth is also found in a human’s mouth and is not normally harmful to humans, dogs can still spread diseases to their owners.

4. Researchers out of the University of Arizona believe that dogs may have probiotic kisses. Their hypothesis is that microbes in a dog’s digestive system can actually help with the growth of positive microorganisms in humans in a similar way as probiotic yogurt. Tests still need to be performed to confirm this hypothesis.

Do you smooch your pooch?

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Jessica Shipman
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