A to Z Blogging Challenge - Letter KI bought Luna’s first pack of Pawz dog boots in early March because we had such a long and snowy winter.

Luna’s paws kept getting cold in the snow after just short walk, so I wanted to protect them. I was also worried about all the salt. We here in Northern Virginia don’t really know how to handle winter, so salt is dumped everywhere just in case.

Before ordering, I actually tried using balloons. I had looked at Pawz and thought, how are balloons any different?

Pawz keep Luna's paws protected from the salt.

Pawz keep Luna’s paws protected from the salt.

Pawz are definitely balloon-like, but there are few things that set them apart. The balloons we tried really only lasted one use, so it would have been costly to constantly have to buy new ones. The balloons also fell off. I had to cut off the opening because it was too tight, but getting it just the right length and tightness was tough. Pawz has already figured that out.

I was really happy with my Pawz purchase, so I was even more excited to meet the creator at the Global Pet Expo in March.

When I initially put the Pawz dog boots on Luna, she found them kind of strange. I didn’t take this as a bad sign though because I knew it was something she might have to get adjusted to. I mean, imagine if you just put socks on for the first time today. How would you feel?

Luna enjoys the snow with her Pawz

Luna enjoys the snow with her Pawz

Once Luna got moving, she didn’t seem to notice her Pawz. She enjoyed running and hopping through the snow and I felt good because her paws were protected from the salt. I definitely noticed that her paws didn’t get as cold as quick and they were dry when we went inside!

Pawz don’t just protect against snow and salt though. They are great for just overall protection like on a hike, staying dry in the rain, and hot asphalt in the summer.

Luna models with her new Pawz

Luna models with her new Pawz

But the best thing about Pawz is that they are reusable and disposable. Each pack comes with 12 boots, which can be interchanged for any foot. If you lose one or if one wears out, it isn’t the end of the world since you won’t have to buy whole new set to replace one.

Pawz will eventually wear out, but each one can be used multiple times. It is possible that you might see a rip or a tear, but just think about how that would have damaged your dogs paws instead!

Look at how much dirt Pawz protect your dog’s paws from after just one walk!

Pawz protect your dog's feet.

Pawz protect your dog’s feet.

Pawz come in seven different sizes. Pick the size based on the size of your dogs paw. Each different size comes in a different color, but black for all sizes was just launched! The prices of each package varies on size, but will be in the $10-20 range.

Right now you can find Pawz on Amazon and various other online and in store retailers.

How do you keep your pet’s paws dry?

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