Happy 2014!

I have failed at posting a timely 2013 recap. Unfortunately, the end of 2013 wasn’t as much of a party as I would have liked. It is coming, it is just a little late.

(If you want to know why look out for the recap coming this weekend.)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! – Photo taken by Washington Talent, Photo, and Video

For 2014, I have made the cliche Lose Weight, Eat Better New Year’s Resolution and I’m dragging Luna and my boyfriend along for the ride.

I’m doing a two week jump start into the year.

Starting tomorrow.

No really, I am. Boyfriend and I are going grocery shopping tonight to stock up on healthy food.

Can we talk about how expensive healthy food is? Why on earth should I have to spend more just to be healthy? I am a logical person, so naturally I understand the whole good quality food costs more conundrum. But still.

Here is the base of my shopping list. How much do you think that is going to cost?

Shopping List borrowed from SELF 14 Day Slim Down

Shopping List borrowed from SELF 14 Day Slim Down

Of course, I customized it a bit. A picky eater has to do what a picky eater has to do.

I’ll also be doing daily workout routines plus yoga 2-3 times a week.

I have done this once before (lost 30 lbs senior year of college) and I’ll do it again. Just someone please keep chocolate and bread away from me.

Also on my resolution list is Build More Confidence. Sorry but Be On Time will have to wait another year (or more).

In attempt to build confidence and motivation for myself, I will be Facebooking/Tweeting/Blogging at least one happy thought for each day in January. I’ll see how January goes and decide upon the rest of the year later.

Although these thoughts will be more for me than for you, please feel free to harass me if I slack off.

So what is today’s positive thought?

There. I wrote it. I published it. I have to do it now.

What are you and your pets’ New Year’s Resolutions?

Jessica Shipman
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