This epic story you are about to witness is proof that one should always check the after Christmas clearance bin as you never know what you are going to find. All the props that help depict this story cost me a whopping $4, so please don’t mind the out of season Santa hat and reindeer antlers.

Jedi Luna Strikes Back

A long time ago, in a Petco far,
far away…

It was a period of unrest.
Dollar toys, on clearance
after Christmas, won the
attention of Jedi Luna
from the Beagle Empire.

During the battle, rebel
dog moms hoarded toys for
future plans in their
ultimate weapon, the CABINET,
a sealed vessel with enough
strength to keep even the
smartest Beagle out.

Pursued by the thought
of buying more toys, dog
mom races home in her
Mazda3, custodian of the
new dog toys that can save
her dog of boredom and provide
humor to the galaxy…

Jedi Luna Strikes Back

Jedi Luna Strikes Back

What is your best find from a clearance bin?

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Jessica Shipman
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