It is October, so that means it is almost time for HALLOWEEN! Luna wants to be extra prepared this year and start planning her costume early.

Last Halloween Luna was an adorable pumpkin. She wore an awesome costume that my super talented mother made! Should she go as a pumpkin again this year?

Luna dresses as a pumpkin for Halloween 2012.

Or maybe she should be a different pumpkin this year? Perhaps a t-shirt is more comfortable.

Luna tries out her pumpkin t-shirt!

What about showing off her secret identity?

Devil for Halloween

It doesn’t look like she is a fan of me revealing her secret.

What’s that smell? It’s Luna, it’s a skunk. No it is Luna dressed as skunk!

Luna dresses as a skunk for Halloween

That may not be quite right either…

Maybe Luna will take off in this airplane costume.

Luna dresses as an airplane for Halloween

Which costume do you think Luna should choose?

Jessica Shipman
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