So there is this sudden interest to know just WHO writes all of the amazing pet blogs that are out there. I thought I would join in the fun and step out from behind the keyboard and camera for a little bit.

Today we will be joining the Meet the Bloggers Blog Hop.

But you know there are a few good reasons I am not in front of the camera often.

Primarily because photos like these happen:


It can also be SUPER difficult to take pictures with my two loves.


But for you I will give it a try.


Here are a handful of fun facts about me.

I have to make the bed every day. I’m super OCD like that. When I was a kid, I never ever made my bed. Then I went off to college and my bed also acted as my sofa, so I had to make it. Now it is habit and I like it that way.

I feel fabulous when I get an unexpected compliment.

I wish I was more skilled at time management. I’m ALWAYS late. I have to plan to be early just to be somewhat on time. I also try to do WAY too much. I thrive on an optimal amount of pressure and stress (Oh hey, Type A), so my schedule is always booked solid. Please bear with me when my posts come out super late at night.

I hate picking favorites, but I think I might actually have an answer for this one. I love Christmas time, but it also really stresses me out because I want to do EVERYTHING. I have to wrap all the presents, bake all the cookies, and do all the crafts while finding time to blog, eat, sleep, and exercise. For that reason, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I think it has a lot of the same important qualities (good food and great company) as Christmas minus the stress and presents.

Recently my favorite meal is a spinach, mushroom, and feta omelette. Any time of day. Breakfast is the best after all. But I’m one of those people that has to eat something new every day because I get bored easily.

My free time is usually filled with blogging, since I have a full time job as a Software Engineer. When I’m not writing code or a blog post, I also enjoy hot yoga, cooking, painting, photography, watching Criminal Minds, SVU, and other crime dramas, and sleeping.

I like to think I can sing and dance. I can’t.

The one thing I am most proud of is this blog. I have done it almost completely by myself (with a lot of help and support from the BlogPaws Community of course). Compared to Beagles and Bargains, graduating from Cornell was a breeze (Someone once asked me “You know how you know someone went to Cornell?” and then answered their own question with “They tell you.” Sorry, not sorry.)

Luna is just like me because we both make a lot of weird noises and love bread. Soul mates.


My body makes me most proud when it puts up with me depriving it of sleep and feeding it too much food.

Three things that bring me joy are:
Seeing people show love and compassion towards each other and animals.
Eating cake.
Crossing everything off my to do list or throwing it out a window for a night.

I could be kinder to myself by sleeping more and letting things be. I dwell on EVERYTHING and over analyze what I could have done differently to make it better.

It drives me nuts that Luna eats everything. EVERYTHING. RIP all the Christmas presents and ornaments.

It melts my heart when Luna wiggles her little butt every day when I come home. I also love the way she aggressively snuggles me.

If I didn’t have Luna, I would have a Camelid such as a Llama or Alpaca. I have a weird obsession and it will only be satisfied once I have an Alpaca Farm. Also, chinchillas. They are just TOO cute. To be honest, I just want to meet one.

Is there anything else you would like to know? Visit our About Us page for even more info!

And do not forget to learn about all the amazing bloggers out there by hopping through the blog hop below. I know I will be reading all about them!



Jessica Shipman
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