Because I live with a constantly hungry Beagle mix, I don’t experience the problem of your dog not wanting to eat often. BUT I know not all dogs are like her. Some dogs would prefer to be rewarded with play time or a new toy. Other dogs are social eaters and won’t be bothered to eat until you or someone else in the family is also eating. And then there’s also the times when your dog is feeling under the weather, but you still need them to eat something to keep their energy up to fight off whatever it is that they are facing.

So though most dogs love to eat, there are always exceptions or special circumstances and that’s okay! You as a pet parent may need to dig into your bag of tricks to help entice your pup to eat, so that they are happy, healthy, and full of enough energy to take on the day. Keep on reading to learn my top strategies and hopefully you’ll find something new to add to your list.

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How to Entice Your Dog to Eat | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails BRAND NEW Kibble Topper - SUPERSAUCE | #sponsored by WellyTails

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Ways to Get Your Dog to Eat

Sometimes your dog just might something a little bit more palatable to enjoy their meal. Adding pumpkin is a relatively inexpensive option that most dogs enjoy. Plus, pumpkin naturally has added health benefits for your dog.

Cheese is a little less healthy, but a bit more tasty. You can hide small pieces in your dog’s meal, melt some on top, or even get a soft enough cheese that you can mix right in.

How to Entice Your Dog to Eat | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails BRAND NEW Kibble Topper - SUPERSAUCE | #sponsored by WellyTails

Kibble Topper
Kibble toppers are a great option to help make food more appealing to your dog and they are even better when they are functional and beneficial! WellyTails just launched their new line of Functional Kibble Toppers called SUPERSAUCE. It’s currently available in three different flavors – Beef Liver, Cheddar Cheese, and Chicken Liver. All three flavors contain both Prebiotics and Probiotics along with Antioxidants and Phytonutrients and are designed to not only make kibble tastier, but also improve immunity and digestive health in your dog. SUPERSAUCE comes in powder form that you just need to sprinkle on top of your dog’s food and then add water and mix. This product is SO NEW, we’re still waiting on live links to purchase but if you’re interested keep an eye on the WellyTails website as it should be listed soon.

We’ve been trying the Cheddar Cheese SUPERSAUCE for the past week with both Ralph & Luna. Beforehand neither dog would refuse food, but you can definitely tell they are even more excited to eat breakfast and dinner than they were before. And it really does smell like cheddar cheese!

Switch Up the Food
It’s possible that your dog just doesn’t like the food you are feeding. It’s also possible that they developed a slight sensitivity to it or some of the ingredients. Switching up the food may be a quick and easy solution!

Try Wet or Dehydrated Food
If your dog does like the food or they need to be on a special diet, you may be able to spice it up by adding a bit of dehydrated or wet dog food and mixing it in with the kibble. Just adding a bit rather than switching over completely will help you save a bit of money as the dehydrated and wet food options tend to be a bit more expensive.

Make It a Game
If your dog loves to play and solve puzzles, consider getting a food dispensing toy or puzzle and putting their kibble inside. This will also help them get enough mental and physical stimulation even during super hot or cold months.

How to Entice Your Dog to Eat | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails BRAND NEW Kibble Topper - SUPERSAUCE | #sponsored by WellyTails

Eat With Them
Your dog may also be a social eater – only wanting to eat when you or the rest of the family is eating. That’s how Keto was. If you notice that’s the case, then plan to eat at the same time as them as much as possible. These other ideas will help when you can’t make the timing happen.

Don’t Feed Them When You Leave
Ironically, we did the opposite of this to help Luna battle her separation anxiety because food was such a big deal for her. Because she LOVED eating we starting feeding her when we left to help her associate our absence with something positive. If your dog isn’t as much of a food hound, the opposite could be happening. They could associate getting their meal or eating with you leaving, so try to feed them earlier in the morning so there’s more time between breakfast and you leaving for work.

Food Temperature
One last thing to think about is the temperature of the food. Are you adding water to it? Is it too hot or too cold? Do you keep the food in the fridge and need to let it get to room temperature before serving? Food temperature is something small to adjust that could yield big results.

How to Entice Your Dog to Eat | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails BRAND NEW Kibble Topper - SUPERSAUCE | #sponsored by WellyTails

About WellyTails

WellyTails is my go to source for pet supplements. I practically swear by the use of their Fortified Wild Ocean Fish Oil as it drastically changed Ralph & Luna’s skin and coat for the better. In addition to the fish oil, WellyTails has a wide arrange of other supplements including their brand new SUPERSAUCE Kibble Topper.

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How to Entice Your Dog to Eat | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails BRAND NEW Kibble Topper - SUPERSAUCE | #sponsored by WellyTails

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Is your dog a picky eater? How do you entice them to eat?

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How to Entice Your Dog to Eat | Stocking Stuffer Giveaways | Win WellyTails BRAND NEW Kibble Topper - SUPERSAUCE | #sponsored by WellyTails

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