Earlier this year The Honest Kitchen launched a brand new product to their already amazing line of pet food. Proper Toppers are a limited ingredient crunchy topper that can be easily added to anything your pup eats. It’s designed to help boost flavor and add a bit of extra whole food nutrition to any meal.

I’ve been a long time fan of The Honest Kitchen – Ralph and Luna are currently eating their dehydrated recipe Brave – so I absolutely love it when they release new products.

As a foodie, I’ve always thought traditional kibble or eating the same thing over and over must get kind of boring for dogs and I’ve seen first hand that some dogs refuse to eat their usual food after being fed it for too long. A trick I’ve used if any of my pets ever refuse to eat (not that Luna ever does) is to add something a little extra and tasty on top. When it isn’t health related this trick works almost every time, so I was excited to learn about Proper Toppers and potentially add them to my arsenal.

Luna wishes this bag of Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen would open up already!

Ralph and Luna got the chance to try out a bag of Proper Toppers and they were not disappointed. We decided to go with the Grain Free Turkey Superfood flavor to add a different protein to their diet, but the Proper Toppers are also available in Chicken.

The dogs tried them out on top of kibble as well as on top of The Honest Kitchen‘s dehydrated food and both were quickly gobbled up. I was also able to use our Proper Toppers as small treats. In fact, they reminded me a lot of The Honest Kitchen’s Pecks, a bite sized cookie for dogs.

Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen are small versatile nutritional nuggets for dogs.

I absolutely love the versatility of these small nutritional nuggets. Whether we use them as food toppers, treats, or even as a whole meal both dogs enjoy every bite. Since these can be used for multiple purposes, I’m planning to bring a bag along with us for any camping or road trip in the future. I’ll also have a back up bag at home for if we need a meal in a pinch like a power outage or I just forgot to order more food (hey, it can happen).

Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen can be used as treats, food toppers, or as a whole meal for dogs.

Proper Toppers contain 5 whole food ingredients – Pumpkin, Blueberries, Chard, Apples, and the protein (Turkey or Chicken) plus some vitamins and minerals – making these a great option for limited diets or picky eaters. Though if you do decide to feed them as a whole meal, keep in mind that they are a little higher in calories, protein, and fat than other recipes from The Honest Kitchen.

You can order a 5.5 oz bags for $9.99 or 14 oz bags for $19.99 of Chicken or Turkey Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen’s online store. Don’t forget! You can save $8 off a 2 lb box (affiliate link) of dehydrated food from The Honest Kitchen with our promo code AMBBGJS7123.

Ralph enjoys eating Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen

Has your dog tried Proper Toppers yet?

Disclaimer: I was sent a bag of Proper Toppers free to spread the word about The Honest Kitchen’s Proper Toppers. Affiliate links are used in this post and I may receive a commission if you click and/or purchase from the link to help support this blog. Don’t worry! These links do not affect the price of products. I received no other compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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