This past weekend we were tasked with dog sitting Cousin Keto while my parents went and visited my sister. Since Keto and Luna don’t see each other every day and are normally “only dogs”, it usually takes them a little while to get used to spending time together again. So on Saturday we just spent time at home catching up on some TV shows and movies. Then on Sunday we headed out on an adventure to go hiking with TWO DOGS on a trail we had never been on.

For our adventure, we picked Scott’s Run Nature Preserve because it was pet friendly, nearby in McLean, VA, and rated fairly easy to hike. Parking was a bit of a challenge since the lot was so small, but we eventually found a space and started on our hike!

Struan, Luna, and Cousin Keto ready to hike!

The park had several different hiking trails ranging from narrow and steep to wide and easy to use. We decided to head towards some of the main attractions, so we could cross them off our list. First we headed to Stubblefield Falls Overlook, which is a great place to view the Potomac River from above. You can also make out the beginning of Great Falls National Park through some trees from this point.

Struan and Cousin Keto look out on the Potomac River

After we took a few moments at the overlook, we headed down the trail to towards the bank of the Potomac River. There we saw part of Scott’s Run (the namesake of the park) at Scott’s Run Waterfall.

Struan, Luna, and Cousin Keto down by the Potomac River.

Jessica, Luna, and Cousin Keto at Scott's Run Waterfall.

Since we had gone downhill to see the river and waterfalls, we had to head back uphill to continue on our way. After making it up the big slope and stopping to take a few photos, we ended up at the Burling Cabin Site. The Burling Cabin Site is the remains and chimney of what used to be a cabin. I’m not really sure about the story behind the cabin, but I would love to learn about it!

Struan, Luna, and Cousin Keto at Scott's Run Nature Preserve

Struan, Luna, and Cousin Keto visit the Burling Cabin Site.

After we saw the cabin, we started heading back to the car to get some well deserved lunch. We’ll definitely be heading back to Scott’s Run in the future to check out the many other trails we haven’t yet explored. I think we all enjoyed our time out in nature, exploring the world. Although, I’m not sure how pleased my parents were with me returning a muddy Keto on Sunday night. Good thing he was already going to the groomer’s today!

How do you explore the world with your dog?

This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge theme is WORLD and this post is my submission. If you’d like to see more photos from our 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge, you can view them all over in my Flickr 52 Snapshots of Life photo album.

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Jessica Shipman
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