Kurgo is celebrating dog loving Moms for Mother’s Day. Surprise a dog loving Mom (or yourself) with some great pet gear and travel accessories. Now through May 15, 2013, you can save 40% off at Kurgo.

To get these savings, enter promo code F7D6RA at checkout. Unfortunately, this deal is only valid for continental US orders.

Luna and I have a few items from Kurgo and we love them!

Our two favorites are the Kurgo Bench Seat Cover and the Skybox Booster Seat.

Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat and Bench Cover

Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat and Bench Cover

We have the bench seat cover in black so it is hardly noticeable on my already black seats and it keeps things clean. It is a lot better than the blanket we used to use in the back seat because it actually stays in place. It is waterproof and easy to wipe off. Better yet, it is removable and machine washable! Depending on your car, it could be a little tricky to install, but it works well with my Mazda 3! It also has a lot of nifty pockets if you need to store something. We have not really used that feature, but I can see how it would be useful during long trips.

Now I can check one Luna from the driver's seat!

Now I can check on Luna from the driver’s seat!

Before we got the Skybox, Luna used to move around in the car a lot. She always wants to look out the window and never lays down or sits. We had one too many times where I had to slam on the brakes (thanks to Northern Virginia traffic) and she jolted forward, so I started looking for a solution to our problems. I was lucky enough to find the Skybox! At first Luna was a little wary, but after spending some time conditioning her to it she likes it a lot! The Skybox raises her up high enough to look out the windows without constantly moving around. I feel comfortable that Luna will not get seriously injured if I slam on my brakes or worse. It is also great that Luna cannot just jump out of the car if the windows or doors are open. Overall, I feel much safer with the Skybox! It is still a little tricky getting Luna into the Skybox, but we are improving. Soon it will just be part of our travel routine.

Luna can look at the window easily!

Luna can look at the window easily!

I do have to say two cautionary things about the Skybox though. ALWAYS use a harness with any sort of car restraint to minimize injury. Also, while you should never leave your dog unattended in your car. If you do for any reason, DO NOT keep them restrained. Keeping a dog in a booster seat or on a leash while in the car could cause death or injury. But this is only if you misuse the wonderful product.

Now go buy Mom some pawesome pet travel gear!

Jessica Shipman
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