Today we hit the road headed towards Kansas City to join hundreds of other pet bloggers and social media stars at the 10th BlogPaws Conference. BlogPaws is an annual conference that allows bloggers and micro bloggers expand their knowledge as well as network with pet brands and other bloggers. This year it is taking place at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Plaza.

BlogPaws 2017 - Ralph enjoys his BlogPaws experience

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve been able to attend each BlogPaws Conference since I started blogging in 2013. That makes this one my sixth conference and I suspect this one might be extra special because it is the tenth one, but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

The whole pack is coming along this year – me for the blogging and the others for the BBQ. I’m also excited to see and connect with many of my friends who help and support me throughout the year via the magical tools of the internet. For many this is the one time of year we can all get together!

We didn’t quite get on the road as early as I had hoped because Ralph & Luna put WAY too many things in their suitcases. Do you really need 12 bandanas? Okay not really. It’s mostly me that brings too much stuff, but packing seriously sucks and I always do it last minute so I just throw everything in.

52 Snapshots of Life: TRAVEL - BlogPaws or Bust Photo Contest Entry

Luckily this year we are able to road trip from our home in Colorado. Usually it’s only about an 8-9 hour drive, but today winds were INSANE and we got stuck in standstill on I-70 W because a semi truck was blown over blocking both lanes. That added about a 45 minute delay to our drive. It was pretty scary seeing how a big truck like that could be blown over and I certainly hope the driver made it out safely. We haven’t had any other issues on the road other than wind, but I definitely hope our drive home is a little calmer.

The conference officially kicks off tomorrow (4/18) afternoon, but I always like to get in a bit early to have some time to settle in to our room. Also, again I pack too much so that has to all be unloaded!

I’m looking forward to picking up a few good tips from some of the sessions, but mostly chatting with brand sponsors of the event. Keep an eye on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to see who the sponsors are and what cool products they’ll be exhibiting. I’ll also just be posting cute pictures of pets you won’t want to miss.

BlogPaws 2017 - Ralph & Luna hang out with Spencer the Goldendoodle

I’m hoping to swing by one of the Three Dog Bakery stores before we head out of town. Did you know that they are based in Kansas City? We’re also hoping to take some photos with a few of Kansas City’s 200 fountains (today also just happens be the start of “Fountain Season”) and get some delicious BBQ with my aunt and uncle who live nearby. Hopefully we can squeeze that all in on Saturday after the conference and before we drive back to Colorado.

If you happen to me at the conference, please come and say hello. I’ll try to not be too incredibly awkward, but if I am… well at least you’ve been warned. And I even have some fun swag to make up for it. So say hi!

BlogPaws 2017 - Ralph & Luna get fancy for the Nose-to-Nose Award Ceremony

I absolutely can’t end this post without giving a shout out to the three brands that helped made my trip to BlogPaws possible. I’m so honored to be chosen as a BlogPaws sponsored blogger by American Animal Hospital Association® (AAHA). They have sponsored the majority of my trip and I definitely encourage you to read more about why I chose an AAHA accredited vet and check if your vet is one too!


I also have two other sponsors who both make some pretty amazing products that we use ALL THE TIME. Simple Solution is my go to for any kind of carpet cleaner. I feel like they have almost saved my life on several occasions and I’m always so impressed with how they continue to expand their product line and even improve their existing products. This year they added a special 3 -in-1 spray bottle, which is genius! They also just launched 8 products at Petco, so you can easily pick some up in a store near you or order online.

Simple Solution Logo - BlogPaws Sponsor

alcott has long been one of my absolute favorite brands. Both Ralph & Luna sport alcott collars and leashes year round. I love them because of the bright colors, padded handles, and reflective stitching. On top of making probably the best leash of all time, they also have some pretty great gear for travel and outdoor adventures. You know your dog wants their very own tent! Definitely check them out for your future adventure needs.

Alcott Logo - BlogPaws Sponsor

This is the result when you try to photograph four hounds at once!

Check back after the conference and I’ll have a recap of everything that happened. I promise to at least try to post it a little timelier than I did last year. In the meantime, take a look at a few posts from previous years:

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