Hello? Anyone there? If you’ve been wondering that over the past few months, I don’t blame you. I let life get in the way a bit and haven’t been giving Beagles & Bargains the time it deserves lately.

I got a bit ahead of myself and tried to tackle three big and exciting adventures at the same time.

I decided it was finally time to leave my full time job of the past 4 years in early June to launch my own business to help bloggers and small business owners get a handle on technology through educational courses and consulting.

I then also thought it would be great for us to drive to the BlogPaws Conference in Phoenix, AZ from our home in Northern Virginia in late June. That then turned into a two week road trip where we actually drove coast to coast, staying a few days in LA before coming back home.

Hello? Anyone there? | Beagles & Bargains is back!

Plus, we had already decided to move to a bigger and better apartment in early July so that we could gain space for a home office while saving a few bucks on the cost of rent.

All of these things are changes for the better and great ideas on their own, but it turns out that doing all three back to back really takes the energy out of you. So, unfortunately while I’ve been trying to manage all our current adventures and changes, I haven’t had the time that I wanted to really sit down and dedicate to Beagles & Bargains.

But all that’s about the change.

We’ve finished the road trip. There will be pictures, stories, and tips to come from that. You can see some of the pictures now by searching #RoadTrippinBeagle on Instagram.

My business is nearly ready to formally launch. You can get more information about that at www.jessicashipman.com if you are interested.

And we’ve made the move. While we are still not completely unpacked and set up, we are in that process and it’s pretty much the last thing on my to do list before I can focus on writing here at Beagles & Bargains and launching my own business.

Hello? Anyone there? | Beagles & Bargains is back!

So thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for your patience. And thank you for sticking around. I’m truly sorry for the two months or so of silence, but don’t worry that won’t be the norm for the future.

I have tons of ideas planned for the pipeline and even a giveaway or two launching soon from some awesome brand partners who are fabulous and totally understanding of our delays during this stressful time! And I’ve got big plans for August, September, and then of course the holiday season where we will definitely be doing our Stocking Stuffer Giveaways again.

Again please take my sincerest apologies. And thank you for cheering us on as we make these difficult and stressful, but very much needed changes. We all appreciate it (Ralph & Luna included)!

Jessica Shipman
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