Who is the best dog ever? You are! And if you are a human reading this, your dog is!

National Dog Day was started in 2004 to help raise awareness of all the dogs in rescues and shelters around the world that need a loving home. National Dog Day also stands against any breed specific legislation (BSL) or ban. They believe, just like us at Beagles & Bargains, that every dog regardless of breed deserves a fighting chance.

Today I thought it would be appropriate to share a picture of my favorite rescue dog! Share a picture in the comments of a rescue dog that has touched your heart.

My favorite rescue dog, Luna!

Luna, my favorite rescue dog, for National Dog Day!

On this National Dog Day, there are many ways you can help!

Share the photo of a dog needing a forever home on Facebook or Twitter.

Tell someone new about your rescue dog story.

Remind friends and family that rescue dogs rock!

Give up tomorrow’s coffee and donate $5 to your favorite shelter or rescue instead.

Sign up to be a foster for dogs in need.

And of course, invite a rescue dog to join your forever family.

Tell us about your favorite rescue dog in the comments below!

Jessica Shipman
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