Our best guess puts Luna’s birthday in mid-March, so we picked 3/21 as the day to celebrate. This year she is turning six years old. I can’t believe it! It feels like just yesterday when I brought her home for the first time and she went on to steal my heart and eat my Kindle.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Dog Birthday Celebration

This year has been a busy one! We formally adopted Ralph at the end of February last year, so naturally the two go into a lot of mischief together. They may look innocent, but I know the truth.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Ralph and Luna get into a little mischief

It was a year of firsts as well visited places we had never been before. In June, we headed West across the Southern United States to attend the BlogPaws Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. On the way we stopped at Cadillac Ranch and the Big Dam Bridge. Luna didn’t love being on the road all day, but she didn’t mind the nice hotels we stayed in at night.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Traveling to new places with dogs

Once we arrived in Phoenix, we were treated to a tour of PetSmart’s Home Office. It was so great to see behind the scenes and to hear about some amazing great ideas PetSmart is working to turn into a reality.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Visiting PetSmart's Home Office in Phoenix

During the BlogPaws Conference, Luna strutted her stuff and wore her very best dress. She also managed to steal some cheese off of a buffet table, but shhh… don’t tell! Ralph was also there for his very first conference!

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards

After the conference, we headed west again to California where we visited my boyfriend’s family and took the dogs to Huntington Dog Beach.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Huntington Dog Beach in California

Following our visit, we still had to get home so we drove back East with a little more haste. Even though we had less time to explore, we still made sure to see some great road side attractions like the Route 66 Midpoint, the St. Louis Arch, and the World’s Largest Gift Shop.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | World's Largest Gift Shop

All this traveling meant there were plenty of baths, which Luna still isn’t a huge fan of. Although she has improved significantly since she first joined our family.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Dog Bath Time

She may still dislike bath time, but she definitely enjoys a good dog bed and a good nap. This new bed sits right next to my desk. Now that I work from home, I love having my co-woofers with me!

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Dog Co-Woofers

Luna is still a pro when it comes to posing with random objects. For Halloween, she was visited by my hand carved Jack-o-Lantern. Who do you think is cuter?

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Ralph and Luna also strutted their stuff in a few different Halloween Costume Contests as none other than the original Ghostbusters. Who you gonna call?

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Halloween Dog Costume - Ghostbusters

Luna has refined her taste, so she enjoys going shopping more now. She really enjoys it if she is permitted to clean up all the weird smells and crumbs underneath pet store shelves. Sorry Luna, but I’m gonna give a big NO to that one!

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Shopping at PetSmart

We traveled again for Christmas. This time to Kansas City, Missouri to visit my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Of course Santa Paws got a bit confused and thought Luna was actually GOOD this year, so he brought her a few yummy treats and new toys to play with.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Christmas in Kansas City

Although Luna has grown older, her love for all things edible (and maybe a few things that aren’t edible) hasn’t waned. Have any leftovers? Luna will gladly accept them as her birthday gift.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | My Dog is a Food Hound

Over the year, her bond with Ralph has really grown, so much so that we have to start working on separating them so they don’t think the world is ending! They truly enjoy being around each other and are one awesome pair.

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Ralph and Luna are a bonded pair | Dogs

Luna is always ready for an adventure. If there are new smells and tasty treats involved, she will gladly be there. She might lead (or pull) the way, but that’s what I get for having a stubborn Beagle!

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | Always ready for an adventure with my dog

At 6 years old, Luna might be aging but she is still all smiles. I can’t wait to see where the next 6 years take us Luna Tuna!

Happy 6th Birthday Luna! | My Dog is All Smiles

Happy Birthday Luna!

Jessica Shipman
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