Our favorite swag from BlogPaws was from our blogging friends, Pepper Paws, Kol's Notes, and Glogirly.

Our favorite swag from BlogPaws was from our blogging friends, Pepper Paws, Kol’s Notes, and Glogirly.

A week ago Luna and I were just starting to recover from the three days of nonstop networking, learning, and idea sharing that we did at BlogPaws. BlogPaws 2013, a conference for pet blogging and social media, was held in Tysons Corner, Virginia and was only a short drive away from home. We saved some cash by deciding to commute to the conference every day instead of staying in the hotel, but wow was that tiring! I normally wake up at 8AM for work, so getting myself (and Luna) up at 6AM was quite the challenge. Luckily, Northern Virginia traffic was not as terrible as it could have been. If you have ever driven here, you know what I mean.

At BlogPaws, we finally met our online friends in person and even made some new ones. I learned a lot in all of the conference sessions I went to and I promise I will share my favorite tips soon. Luna was not as big of a fan of the sessions. During the first day, she spent them in the play park chasing around and barking at all her new furiends. On Friday and Saturday, most of the speakers seemed to put Luna right to sleep. Do not worry I found them all very interesting and stayed awake the whole time!

Luna nods off during some BlogPaws sessions.

Luna nods off during some BlogPaws sessions. It is better than barking!

In addition to meeting new friends and learning blogging tips, one of my favorite parts was meeting amazing pet brand representatives and learning about what their brands had to offer. After consulting with Luna, I have picked some pet products that I think deserve a special shout out. Many of these products were nice enough to provide Luna and I some free samples to try as part of our swag bag from BlogPaws.

As a result of all the wonderful pet products Luna and I acquired at BlogPaws and because we are moving in less than a month (Yikes! Why am I not packing?), we are going to pass some on to two lucky readers!

That is right. Beagles and Bargains is hosting our very first Giveaway!

Come back tomorrow to learn more about more great finds at BlogPaws and to enter the Giveaway!

Here is a look at what we loved at BlogPaws:

Food and Treats

Luna’s favorite pet product category is food and treats. Lucky for her that was there was plenty of food and treat options at BlogPaws!

Luna contemplates which Jones Natural Chew she is going to share with our readers.

Luna contemplates which Jones Natural Chew she is going to share with our readers.

Jones Natural Chews: As a Beagle, you cannot hide a good smelling chew from Luna. Luna spotted (or rather sniffed) the Jones Natural Chews stand on the first evening. The representatives at Jones made me play a game to get a special treat for Luna – name three ice cream toppings. Luckily, it was an easy one, so I did not have to disappoint her. Luna was thrilled that we got a Jampacked Jawzer, but was disappointed that I put it in the car and would not let her enjoy it immediately. Jones Natural Chews offers a great selection of chews for dogs of varying sizes. All of their products are also made in the USA. As with all chews and bones, you should give them to your dogs as treats and not as food and always monitor them while they are using them. For more information, you can check out Jones Natural Chews’ Choosing the Right Chew Guide. Two K9 Bacon Rolls (5 inch) and one pack of Chuck Sticks will be featured in one of our Giveaway packages!

Luna searches for the good stuff in our Natural Balance samples.

Luna searches for the good stuff in our Natural Balance samples.

Natural Balance: Have you ever seen Tillman skate or Norman on his scooter? Both Tillman and Norman are representatives of Natural Balance. Unfortunately, Tillman could not make it to BlogPaws this year, but I was thrilled to see Norman! He was so well behaved and well trained. I was hoping Luna might take a few pointers from him. In addition to seeing Norman, I was happy to have the opportunity to learn more about Natural Balance as a brand. It was wonderful to see that Natural Balance had such a wide variety of options especially for dogs who have dietary restrictions. Since we are moving, I am keeping Luna’s food consistent for awhile, but she was happy to try out a few new treats! I have never met a Beagle that will turn down a tasty snack.

VetIQ: Who loves affordable pet care? I do, I do! And fortunately for me and many other pet parents, the people of VetIQ do too. VetIQ offers Minties (a dental treat), Pill Treats, Vitamin Chews, Hip and Joint supplements, and Skin and Coat supplements along with flea and tick control and some prescription medicines all at affordable prices. Luna was a huge fan of the Minties sample in our BlogPaws swag bag and even sweet talked her way into another one at the VetIQ booth. So far the representatives of VetIQ have been wonderful and very helpful especially when I asked about a few ingredients in their treats. They even have veterinarians on staff who can answer questions. A Minities sample will also be included in one of our Giveaway packages!

Delicious Freshpet samples from BlogPaws!

Delicious Freshpet samples from BlogPaws!

Freshpet: Has it ever occurred to you that humans eat refrigerated food, but dogs do not? Freshpet is the first refrigerated pet food. They have everything from dog food to dog treats. They even have cat food too! Since Luna and I are local and I just happen to keep my Costco cooler bag in my car, we were lucky enough to take home a sample of Chicken, Vegetable, and Rice Freshpet Select dog food along with some tasty Turkey Bacon Dognation. At the Freshpet booth, they were handing out samples of the Select dog food and Luna just could not say no! She also managed to charm her way to having a few extra samples too. Unfortunately, I had to cut her off at some point. The Turkey Bacon Dognation dog treats taste great too and are super smelly, but not the kind of smelly that will make you want to vomit, the kind that will get your dogs attention.

The Honest Kitchen: I have always heard great things about The Honest Kitchen, so I was happy to meet with a representative at BlogPaws. As I mentioned, I am planning to keep Luna on her current food for some consistency while we move, but I was so excited to hear about The Honest Kitchen’s Ice Pups! We have not yet tried them since it got a little chilly here in Northern Virginia after all our blogger friends left, but Luna loved the sound of a chicken broth you could freeze into a tasty treat! Ice Pups can also be served warm during winter months and are a great way to ensure your dog gets enough fluid. Ice Pups are grain free and comes as a powder, so all you need to do is add water!

BlogPaws 2013 swag bag contains so many good products to try!

BlogPaws 2013 swag bag contains so many good products to try!

Do not forget to come back tomorrow to learn about what else we loved at BlogPaws and enter our Giveaway!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I received products for free as samples at the BlogPaws 2013 Conference. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

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