Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so you better be wearing green or else you risk being pinched! We are all a wee bit Irish today, right?

Wearing green isn’t the only way to go green. Using eco-friendly and natural products is another great way to show off the best color ever. And, fortunately it is trend that is finally hitting the pet industry!

PURGGO is a eco-friendly car air purifier that utilizes bamboo charcoal to absorb and eliminate odor rather than just mask it. When PURGGO first reached out about a giving the car eco-purifier a try, I had never even heard of bamboo charcoal. Despite not knowing a lot about the main component, the information on PURGGO‘s website struck a cord with my dog mom side and I knew I just had to give it a try.

Luna with PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier

As a loving dog mom, I know how smelly Luna can be. I know she also gets car sick. And I know sometimes I lose a grocery item in my car for a little too long. As much as I try to avoid it, sometimes my car just stinks.

Recently, I encountered a horrid smell in my car with a source I couldn’t identify. Luna wasn’t in the car. I don’t think she threw up in the car. And, I didn’t see any rotten cantaloupe anywhere. I reluctantly went to my local drug store and picked up one of those air fresheners that clip onto the car vents.

The scent was something like “Ocean Breeze.” I don’t live near the beach, so why should my car smell like the ocean? No matter how I adjusted that silly thing the smell was always too strong. Eventually the bad smell went away and so did the vent clip!

PURGGO is fragrance free, which means you don’t even notice that it is there. It purifies the air and eliminates bad smells without rubbing in your face that you haven’t taken a vacation in 6 months.

Luna with PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier

So back to the bamboo charcoal. What is that stuff anyway?

Bamboo charcoal is exactly what it sounds like – charcoal made from 100% all natural moso bamboo. According to PURGGO, the type of bamboo charcoal in each purifier is 4x more porous than typical charcoal, which makes it a better sponge. Did you know that bamboo charcoal has been used for thousands of years in East Asian countries to purify air and water?

Okay so the PURGGO is natural and non-toxic, but what if my crazy dog decides rip it open and eat it?

While I definitely would not recommend that, bamboo charcoal is actually safe if ingested and is used in some countries as an alternative medicine for an upset stomach.

Luna with PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier

If you want a more science-y reason for why bamboo charcoal works and is safe, check out what PURGGO has to say.

PURGGO is also super simple to use. Open up the package. Hang it over the back of a head rest and adjust to fit. Done.

PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier hanging off head rest

This car eco-purifier lasts over 365 days! To maintain it, all you need to do is lay it in the sun for about an hour each month. This helps remove excess moisture and ensure optimal odor removal.

It lasts a whole year, huh? So it must be expensive. NO. The PURGGO is only $29.99, which is less than $2.50/month and cheaper than those 30 day car air fresheners.

PLUS, if you sign up for their mailing list you can get 10% off!

What is my favorite thing about PURGGO? It is not a product that was developed for one purpose and is now trying to get the attention of pet parents. It was actually inspired by a smelly dog and developed while having tea with Grandma.

PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier

ONE lucky Beagles and Bargains reader will receive a PURGGO!

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Disclaimer: PURGGO provided product free to review. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about PURGGO. I received no additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business. PURGGO is responsible for all giveaway prizes including shipping.

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