Luna went to the vet a few weeks ago and was told she could lose a pound. This is every woman’s favorite thing to hear. Apparently it hit Luna hard, because she then went and stole a bag of dinner rolls off the counter and ate her feelings on the couch… or so I think.

I went on vacation and ate out nearly every single meal. We did walk a lot, but we were in Texas in August, so we could not be THAT active outside in the heat. In other words, I gained a few pounds too.

This summer was not ideal for us. We had a lot of stresses and unfortunately we let them get the best of us, but all of that changes now!

Luna and I have issued ourselves a challenge.

Get active everyday in October!

We have to make the best of what nice weather is left this year and get outside while we still can. Winter is coming, but today it is still beautiful and in the 70s. Plus if we get in the habit now, then come winter we will find ways to keep it up despite the cold weather.

Along with getting active we plan on eating healthier too. Fewer meals out for me and fewer loaves of bread for Luna. Luna has recently had a bit of an upset stomach, which may be from her kibble. Since her blood work and x-rays came back with no issues, her vet advised us to feed her a “bland” diet to help determine the cause. Once her stomach settles down we will start focusing on more healthy options!

Today is October 4th and we are still on track. October 1st through 3rd, we went jogging around our neighborhood. Although Luna’s focus on the 2nd was to find as many snacks on the ground as possible… We are starting out slow and with shorter distances, but we are already improving. Today we are going to mix things up with active playtime for Luna and a bike ride for me and the boyfriend.

How will you get active in October?

Beagles and Bargains is happy to be participating in the FitDog Friday Blog Hop hosted by Peggy’s Pet Place, To Dog With Love, and SlimDoggy.

Jessica Shipman
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