Living in an fourth floor apartment limits the number of blooming flowers that I can enjoy. Planting a pet safe balcony garden is one way to increase that number, but only so many plants can fit in a few square feet.

The main way I combat this deprivation is by enjoying fresh, cut, seasonal flowers. But there is a catch. Not all fresh flower options are safe for dogs and cats.

If you are interested in learning more about what to avoid, check out my post on Beautiful, but Deadly Spring Flowers.

Pet Safe Options for Fresh, Cut Flowers

Pet Safe Flower Bouquet Options

Beautiful carpet made of tiny flowers with a sweet scent. The clusters of small flowers make it a great alternative to the toxic Baby’s Breath.

Bachelor’s Button
Happy, ragged flowers typically found in bright blue. Also called Cornflower and Bluebottle.

Blue Daisy, Easter Daisy, Gerber Daisy
These larger flowers bloom in almost every color and have thick, sturdy stems. Be careful to avoid Chrysanthemums, which are sometimes called “Daisies”.

These flowers serve as Alabama’s stat flower, but actually hail from Asia. The flower itself features multiple layers of petals and can come in many different varieties with changes in colors, shapes, and sizes.

This is not your typical flower. These plants feature vibrantly colored upright spires and can add both color and depth to a bouquet.

Need a bit of yellow or orange in your flower arrangement? Marigolds bring those bright colors in a puffball form.

Garden Marigolds are great Pet Safe Options for Fresh, Cut Flowers

These showy, but yet delicate flowers are great choices for a pet friendly bouquet. The colors range from white to bright reds. Orchids are also great pet friendly house plant options.

A flower bouquet classic! Roses are available in almost every color. Be careful of the thorns, but otherwise these beautiful blossoms are perfectly pet safe.

An excellent choice for adding some height to a bouquet, but also beautiful in an arrangement on their own. Color options range from cream to bright reds and yellows.

Not all Sunflowers grow several feet high. Smaller versions are perfect for a summertime bouquet.

Need a certain color or size to finish off your arrangement? Zinnias come in nearly every color including green! The blossoms also range in height and width.

Alstroemeria are great Dog Safe Options for Fresh, Cut Flowers. Avoid for Cats.

If you have cats, you want to be sure to avoid all Lilies. If you have a dog only home, some Lily varieties are safe like the Peruvian Lily or Alstroemeria, which is common in mixed bouquets.

If you are looking to add extra foliage to a bouquet, make sure the leaves are pet safe too. The Japanese Aralia is a great option, especially with Roses.

What is your favorite flower bouquet?

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Jessica Shipman
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