A little over a month ago Luna and I issued ourselves a challenge: To get active every day in October. So how did it go?

Well it was a bit ambitious.

We started off great waking up two hours early to get in a morning jog, but then my boyfriend and motivator had to take a two week long business trip and our amount of exercise started to decrease.

Do not fret. We have not given up! I recently started yoga (again) along with the other regular exercises I will be doing.

Luna also looks slimmer and healthier than ever. At least one of us met our goal, right? Maybe it is her new grain free diet? Or maybe it is just that someone is controlling what she eats. Sometimes I wish I had that…

It is not always easy to motivate myself to work out or not eat all the chocolate in the world. And sometimes having an adorable pet makes it even harder. Here’s why:

I already went outside and took Luna for a walk today.

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Luna just wants to cuddle me on the couch.

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She will be so lonely without me.

from thebarkpost.com

If I bring Luna with me, I can’t run as fast as her.

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She might also throw off my work out.

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I would much rather just drive.

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Luna got a treat for doing something good, so I should too!

from forgifs.com

I just like eating.

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But I don’t like vegetables.

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I’ll get hangry if I don’t eat soon.

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We’ll get over all these obstacles somehow. But I do actually really get hangry.

What obstacles do you overcome to get moving?

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Jessica Shipman
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