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Not too long after I adopted Luna in October 2012, we dealt with some separation anxiety issues. Fortunately, volunteers from Luna’s rescue group gave me some advice for keeping her active while I was at work. One of those suggestions was to hide a few food dispensing treats around our apartment, so she could put her Beagle nose to work. I had heard great reviews about KONG toys, so I picked up a KONG classic in size medium as part of my adoption preparation kit.

Luna took to her KONG right away. She loved getting out all of the delicious fillings out of her new toy. She even started to look forward to alone time because it meant she would get her KONG!

Luna enjoys her KONG Classic for the first time in October 2012.

Luna enjoys her KONG Classic for the first time in October 2012.

Then in January, I had the opportunity to get a great deal on a few new KONG toys from through a combination of a Groupon offer and a great sale. I bought Luna a KONG Ball, KONG Wobbler, and a medium KONG Extreme to try.

After I filled the KONG Extreme for the second time, it disappeared. My boyfriend and I have looked high and low in search for that little black KONG, but have failed to find it. I am shocked that Luna has not brought it out either, because she is one of those dogs who remembers when there is a single piece of food under the couch.

Now nearly five months later, we are moving and I am determined to find that KONG.

The Lost KONG Contest

In the spirit of Monday Mischief, I issue a challenge to all my friends out there.

Can you find the black KONG?

I will send a KONG surprise to the first person (or dog) who can guess the closet location to where we find the KONG Extreme. If to my disappointment we still have not found the KONG Extreme after the move, I will pick one lucky winner randomly from everyone who comments.

Moving starts Saturday morning, so enter our KONG Contest and submit your guess by 11:59PM ET Friday, June 14, 2013. Please only one guess/entry per person. I can only ship to US mailing addresses.

Disclaimer: This contest is not affiliated or sponsored by KONG in any way. Affiliate links may be used in this post and I may receive a commission if you click and/or purchase from the link to help support this blog. Do not worry, these links do not affect the price of products.

Jessica Shipman
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