It’s been nearly a month since I started using the new Tabletop Febreze™ Air Purifier in my apartment. I decided to place our air purifier in our main living area to tackle the smelly odors that the Luna loves to emit and to help out when I wait a day or two too long to take the kitchen trash out.

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Febreze Air Purifier #KeepItFresh

Did you know that Beagles have a special fragrance stank? Some describe it as “musky”, while others just list Beagles in the Top 10 Smelliest Breeds. I sure picked a good one, huh?

If you have never experienced the Beagle Stank and are for some reason dying to, just let me know when you are in the DC Metro area next and I’ll be sure to send Luna your way. She’ll be more than happy to rub a little on you. And that’ll be enough to hold you over for your entire lifetime.

Do you know what else smells really bad? When I forget to take the trash out… several days in a row.

Before you judge me too hard, I think it is important to know that I live on a fourth floor walk up apartment. No one wants to climb down four flights of stairs with a stinky bag of trash late at night, okay? Trust me, I’ve tried to entice my boyfriend to do it too many times to no avail.

Between my failure at taking the kitchen trash out and my super smelly dog, I was in need of some dire help! The Febreze Air Purifier was just the help I needed and it has really done an outstanding job.

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In the past I would often come home to an apartment full of bad odors, which would cause me to wrinkle my nose and then run and hide. Since setting up our air purifier I haven’t experienced that once! And, I’m pretty sure that I should have taken the trash out yesterday…

I’ve been running the Febreze Air Purifier on low for the most part and set it so that only a little bit of scent would be released. I was worried that the air purifier might be too loud and the scent might be too overpowering. So of course to test that out, I decided to crank both settings up all the way!

Luna with our new Tabletop Febreze Air Purifier.

The results?

When turned to medium or high, the air purifier definitely is a bit loud. I don’t think I would be able to sleep in a room with it like that, but when it was turned to low I hardly even noticed it.

Even when I increased how much scent was released to the maximum, I wasn’t overwhelmed with the fragrance. In fact, I didn’t even really notice it. My apartment smelled good, but not like I had just walked into a super strong candle.

The Febreze Air Purifier also helps reduce household dust. The HEPA-type filter works to help reduce up to 99% of air pollutants. Since I’m also not very good at dusting regularly, this is a big perk for me!

Luna investigates our Febreze Air Purifier.

For more details on how the Febreze Air Purifier works, visit our introduction post!

The air purifier is available in three sizes (Tabletop, Mini Tower, and Tower) at both Walmart and Amazon.

Which room in your house could benefit the most from a Febreze Air Purifier?

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Jessica Shipman
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