A to Z Blogging Challenge - Letter EEvery little bit counts. You know, notice the little things. Don’t dwell on them or worry about them, but a small gesture could make all the difference.

Every day for the past few months, I have driven past a busted up guard rail with a very small flower memorial for how it got that way. I don’t know the story or the people who were affected and I probably never will. But still, every day I see those orange flowers and my thoughts go out to them even if for just a second.

Since the weather has finally taken a warmer turn, road construction crews are everywhere. I’ve driven through three different construction zones each day this week and my commute has gone from 30 minutes to 45.

These crews are out there fixing potholes, trimming trees, and repairing damaged guard rails.

Work crew fixing a guard rail.

During my drive Thursday morning, I noticed the old rail was gone and a crew was getting ready to replace it with a new one. I knew that for safety reasons the rail had to be fixed, but thought that it was a shame to see the flowers and the memorial go.

Hours later on my way home from work, I glanced over to see the shiny new rail.

When that same bright orange caught my eye, my heart skipped a beat. I had to slow down to take it all in.

Bright orange flowers

There stood the shiny, new rail with the same bright orange flowers placed on top.

The workers could have easily (and not maliciously) thrown them out with the damaged rail scraps. Instead they realized that this place and those flowers met something to someone somewhere.

It was the smallest of gestures, but it left the biggest impression.

This moment left me wanting to pay it forward.

I hope you enjoy every moment of your weekend and that spring has finally found you.

Take a few moments today to do something nice for someone else. Write a thank you note, pick something up that someone happened to drop, or just say hello to a stranger.

Be thankful for the people and pets in life. Take your dog for a walk a little longer than normal. Go on an adventure.

You never know how something small could affect someone else.

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Jessica Shipman
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