This deal has now ended, but you can still get an immersion blender on Amazon!

My immersion blender is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets and one of the best things I ever purchased. I paid full price ($39.99) for mine so I am a little jealous of this great deal! Now, I hardly ever need to break out my big blender and the immersion blender is so much easier to clean! Immersion blenders are also great because they can be used in both hot and cold food. I have used mine in both soups and smoothies!

LivingSocial is running a deal right now to get an Emson Immersion Blender for only $23 including shipping! LivingSocial offers a choice of black, red, green or orange.

If you are picky about color Amazon also has a blue Emson Immersion Blender option. As of 5:30 PM today Amazon’s red option is only $20 with Prime shipping! Amazon prime shipping is also usually a little faster than shipping with LivingSocial, but either way these are both great deals!


While this may not be pet related, it sure is a bargain and I hope you take advantage of it if you are not already enjoying the luxury of having an immersion blender.

Do you have an immersion blender? How do you use it?

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Associate and get paid for each purchase made from the Amazon links above, but the price of the products is not affected. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by outsiders.

Jessica Shipman
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