So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I know, I know. It snuck up on us, but don’t panic. I have the easiest gift idea ever, which you can use for BOTH your dog and your dog loving significant other.

If you are anything like me, sometimes it is hard to make decisions on what to do for fun in the evenings after work on or on the weekend, especially when I want to bring Luna along. So this year I decided to find a solution to that.

I have always seen How Tos for Date Night Jars all over the internet. I have always thought it was a fun idea and am planning to make one for me and my boyfriend because we are the WORST at figuring out where or what to eat.

And then I thought – why can’t we have a Doggy Date Jar? Well we absolutely can!

Easy DIY Doggy Date Jar - Valentine's Day

Easy DIY Doggy Date Jar


Glass Jar (Mason Jars work!)
Colored Popsicle Sticks
Ribbon (optional)

Easy DIY Doggy Date Jar - Supplies


1. Make a list of fun activities you have already done or want to do with your dog.

If you are stumped with some activities, check out the list I have below. Kol’s Notes and Confessions of a Rescue Mom also have some great rainy day ideas!

2. Divide those activities up into a few different categories.

I had five different color popsicle sticks, so I decided to go with Outdoor Activities, Indoor Activities, Tricks & Training, DIY Crafts, and Homemade Treat Recipes.

The different colors help distinguish which category you want to pull an activity from. If you can’t find colored popsicle sticks, you can always paint them yourself or just color one tip of each stick with a marker or sharpie.

Easy DIY Doggy Date Jar

3. Write your activities on the appropriate colored stick.

4. Put all your posicle sticks in the jar. Feel free to add a bow or other decoration if you like!

Easy DIY Doggy Date Jar - Valentine's Day

See I told you in was super easy!

Doggy Date Night Ideas

Bake a new dog treat (see all our treat recipes)
Make a fancy Kong
Teach a new trick (play dead)
Review basic tricks
Play with a puzzle game
Play hide and seek
Have a photo shoot
Snuggle up, it’s movie night!
Do a doggy themed craft
Sign up for a 5k run or walk
Take a short walk
Go to the dog park
Take a long walk
Go hiking
Go camping
Play tug of war
Play fetch
Go to the pet store
Go to a pet friendly winery
Try agility
Eat on a pet friendly patio
Host a doggy olympics
Invites pups over for a doggy playdate
Go to a local park
Have a picnic
Walk around the city
Go to a drive in movie theater
Get ice cream
Go for a cupcake (Did you know Sprinkles has doggy cupcakes?)
Sit out on the porch together

Now go make it the best Valentine’s Day ever with all your loved ones including your pets!

Sending love to you this Valentine’s Day!

Jessica Shipman
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