Easy Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

Since adopting Luna, it has been a yearly tradition to put on a small Easter Egg Hunt just for her. Over the past two and a half years, the event has definitely grown and Luna has become a champion egg cracker.

This year she was so confident that she broke into our egg stash before we even hid them!

Can Luna find all the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt for dogs?

Easter Egg Hunts for Dogs are super easy because they really only require two things – plastic Easter eggs and a few delicious treats. They are a great activity that is also budget friendly. Around this time of year, you can find the plastic eggs fairly cheap. We picked up a whole bag for just $1!

When picking treats the key is to find something low in calories with a good scent. For Luna’s treats, I chose Lamb Airy Bark from our friends at Clear Conscience Pet and small pieces of banana.

Supplies needed for an Easy Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

You can hold an Easter Egg Hunt inside your home or outside. Doing the hunt indoors or in a fenced yard allow your dog to run freely from egg to egg. But, keep a close eye on them so they don’t crack the egg into pieces! Luna was on leash for her hunt since we were in a public area, but that didn’t stop her from sprinting to each egg.

It is also always a good idea to wash your plastic eggs before the hunt, especially if you got them from the dollar store, and after so you can reuse them again next year!

Luna searches for eggs on an Easter Egg Hunt for dogs

Mix up the difficulty of the hiding places. Put out a few easy ones so your dog can get the hang of it. Make a few others challenging, so the hunt isn’t over in just a few seconds.

I have found that most dogs are naturally able to crack open the plastic eggs, but if your pup struggles or has a tiny mouth, feel free to help them out!

Can Luna find all the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt for dogs?

Easter Egg Hunts for Dogs don’t have to be limited to Easter either. These are great ways to bust boredom, especially during winter months with you are stuck inside. Easter Egg Hunts are also great practice for nose work!

No matter when or where you do your hunt, remember to count the number of eggs BEFORE you start. You don’t want to leave any behind!

Luna searches for eggs on an Easter Egg Hunt for dogs

For more Easter fun, see my post on Positively.com about how to make the Perfect Easter Basket for your dog!

Have you ever participated in an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs?

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