When I attended BlogPaws back in May one of the brands I was most excited to meet was Dr. Harvey’s because I knew they had all kinds of high quality and natural products for pets. Dr. Harvey’s put a sample of one of their new treats, Coconut Smiles, in our swag bags and it was an immediate hit with Luna.

Coconut Smiles are pieces of 100% Pure Certified Organic Dehydrated Coconut. They were perfect to use to keep Luna’s attention during the various information sessions because they were low in calories and easy to break into small pieces. I also love that coconut has many positive health benefits and is consider to be a “superfood” for dogs! Since BlogPaws we have added the Coconut Smiles to our rotation for treats during photo sessions.

Dr. Harvey's Coconut Smiles and Sweet Potate'r Chews

In addition to the Coconut Smiles, Dr. Harvey’s offers other natural treats along with natural food, supplements, and even grooming care products. You can view all of the products available for dogs over on their website.

Dr. Harvey’s has another new treat – Sweet Potate’r Chews, which are made of 100% Real, Natural Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes! Luna is a sweet potato nut and these chews aren’t any different. They are great for getting her attention and she feels like she is getting a real treat! Since the Sweet Potate’rs are chews they make for great natural alternatives to rawhide.

Great treats don’t end there either! Dr. Harvey’s also has Power Patties and Barkotti in their excellent collection of natural and healthy treats. The Power Patties are treats made of Tripe, which are as beneficial to your dogs as they are potent! Luna awesomely went bonkers for these. They do smell quite a bit, so be prepared!

Luna can't wait to try food and treats from Dr. Harvey's.

The Barkotti is Dr. Harvey’s crunchy dog treat. Instead of just being a crunchy biscuit, this treat is Homemade Biscotti just for dogs! It is packed full of vitamins and minerals through fruits and veggies mixed right into the batter.

If you are looking for another natural and holistic food option, Dr. Harvey’s has that covered too! They have several different dehydrated mixtures available for dogs including the Veg-to-Bowl. With the Veg-to-Bowl, you just need to hydrate your dog’s serving size with a bit of hot water and add your own protein and oil! The Veg-to-Bowl is great for every day feeding especially if your dog is already on a raw diet or even for special occasions! It is a little pricier than kibble, but it allows you to better control the ingredients your dog is eating. Remember, the better quality food your dog eats, the better chance you have to avoid expensive vet bills in the future!

Below you can see Coconut Smiles, Power Patties, Sweet Potate’r Chews, Barkotti, and Veg-to-Bowl (from left to right).

Coconut Smiles, Power Patties, Barkotti, Sweet Potate'r Chews, and Veg-to-Bowl from Dr. Harvey's.

Sometimes I’m a bit wary of companies that have their hands in too many buckets, but I don’t feel that way about Dr. Harvey’s at all. Dr. Harvey’s produces quality supplements and grooming products in addition to their tasty food and treats. They really knock it out of the park by keeping these products natural to ensure no harm comes to you and your pets.

I’ll be using Dr. Harvey’s Stress & Tension Supplement for Dogs with Luna to help her relax during long car rides. She is usually a little anxious, which can lead to vomit or even stress poops (and that is NO fun)! This supplement is a natural calming aid that you can just sprinkle on top of your dog’s food. There is no medicine or harmful chemicals in this mix. Just natural herbs!

Dr. Harvey's calming supplement for dogs - Relax and Stress

Dr. Harvey’s also makes supplements for senior dogs, puppies, joint care, immune health, healthy coat, and general vitamins and minerals.

I’ve been using natural flea and tick care with Luna for almost two years now, so I was thrilled to see an option under Dr. Harvey’s grooming care line. The Herbal Protection Spray uses natural essential oils and herbal extracts rather than chemicals like DEET to protect your dog from critters outside. It is also safe to spray inside on collars, leashes, and even beds! You can also use the protection spray on yourself!

Dr. Harvey's Herbal Protection Spray and Herbal Ear Wash for dogs.

Beagles and their floppy ears are notorious for having ear problems, so it is incredibly important to keep them clean. It can be a challenge to find an affordable and natural ear care solution, but fortunately Dr. Harvey’s also has one of those! The Herbal Ear Wash does not use any alcohol, which may dry out your dog’s ears. It uses essential oils and herbal extracts instead and is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. This natural solution helps to reduce redness, odor, and itching and is a great choice for dogs with frequent ear infections.

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Luna loves natural food and treats from Dr. Harvey's.

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