My absolute favorite flower is the Sunflower. So much so that it made it into my 8 Photos of Happiness!

I have a lot of good memories of Sunflowers. My Great Grandmother used to grow the giant ones at her house, so they always remind me of her. I also used to have a few fake ones by my bed when I was growing up.

My favorite flower is the Sunflower

There are so many varieties of Sunflowers too! The giant seed producing ones are pretty neat though they don’t tend to last too long since they get so heavy.

Last weekend we visited Burnside Farms, which has a field of Sunflowers. It’s called Summer of Sunflowers and it is amazing. Typically they open up the Sunflower fields in late July, but this year the blooms were a bit delayed, so last weekend was the first weekend you could visit.

Burnside has all kinds of different Sunflowers. I don’t really know the technical names, but they had all yellow ones, ones with brown centers, ones with light yellow petals, ones with lots of really small petals, and even ones with a bit of red! They were all different shapes and sizes, but put together in one field for quite the sight!

The Sunflowers Field at Burnside Farms in Virginia

The large Sunflowers hadn’t quite bloomed yet, so I hope to make it back before the end of the season to see them all in full bloom.

The best part about Burnside Farms is that this year they opened up their Sunflower field to dogs! In the past, they had Dog Days, but this year dogs are allowed all season. Sunflowers are also pet friendly, so it was a perfect match.

It was a beautiful day, so we brought Luna along on our trip! I think she enjoyed being outside and investigating all the new smells. Plus, we saw at least five other dogs that were visiting the Sunflowers too.

Luna spends the day at a Sunflower Farm

Since we were in the sun, it did get pretty hot, but we made sure to drink plenty of water and cooled off in the shade after we were done picking our Sunflowers.

If you ever make it out to Burnside Farms or another Sunflower field, be sure to bring along a bucket with some fresh water to keep your Sunflowers hydrated on the way home. They can start to wilt quickly, especially on super hot days.

Bees pollinate a Sunflower at Burnside Farms

Me and Luna love the Sunflowers from Burnside Farms

A basket full of Sunflowers

A bee on a Sunflower

Luna and Struan hang out at a Sunflower Field

A Butterfly lands on a Sunflower

A Sunflower with a bit a red on the petals

Can you find Luna in the photo below?

Luna in a field of Sunflowers

What is your favorite flower?

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Jessica Shipman
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