I always tend to gain weight around this time of year. Thanksgiving is coming and so is Christmas, which means candy, treats, and delicious food EVERYWHERE. To try to combat this, I started doing yoga recently. Practicing yoga for the past few weeks got me thinking about doga or dog yoga.

Luna is a master at upward dog and downward dog. She even practices every morning and after every long nap. (Go figure that the position names actually make some sense, but none make more sense than gorilla. If you have never practiced gorilla, go here and try it. Then walk around in a circle while doing it. Instant gorilla.)

Luna does doga

What is doga really about anyway? Is it more than just some activity rich people pay for to entertain and exercise their dogs?

Would Luna actually enjoy practicing doga?

To find out I went to my trusty Google search box and typed “doga”. I learned that some yoga teachers are concerned about doga because it may make yoga just another fad. However, a traditional yogic principle is to live in harmony with all beings, dogs included. Doga attempts to do this by combining massage, meditation, and gentle stretching for both dogs and their humans. (1)

Doga is said to be beneficial for keeping dogs calm because they are so in tune with what their humans are feeling. Some also claim that doga is not actually for dogs to do yoga, but rather to be with their human during yoga and benefit from the positive energy. (2)

Well that redefined doga a bit for me.

Then I typed “doga Northern Virginia” to see if there is actually anywhere other than fancy resorts in California or New York City that practice this pet friendly exercise. Sadly, I found no results.

Future business idea? Maybe.

So instead, I searched for “how to do doga” and found this gem. It is an entire playlist of doga videos from Animal Planet. The “Obstacles” video has to be my favorite.

After all my research, I was still left wondering:
Yoga doers are called Yogis, so is a Doga doing dog a Dogi?

What are your thoughts on doga? Have you ever tried it?

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Jessica Shipman
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