The very first holiday season after I had adopted Luna, we drove half way across the country to visit family in Missouri. I love my family more than anything, but I was so stressed out. When we were staying at my Grandpa’s house, I was so paranoid she was just going to make a run for it. With all the nearby fence-free rural land full of horses and other farm animals, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find her if she got out.

Then later that trip when we were visiting another family member’s home for a holiday party the worst happened. With all the commotion, I notified my family members to keep an eye on Luna and to keep doors closed. Then instead of coming in through the front door, someone entered the home through a door from the garage leaving both the exterior garage door and the door into the house wide open for just a few seconds. I started hearing screams that Luna got out, so I sprinted outside as fast as I could. Luckily, she didn’t get too far and I was able to tackle her in the snow. She didn’t leave my side for the rest of the night.

My absolute biggest fear is Luna bolting out the door chasing after a squirrel or running towards the smell of something delicious and not being able to find her. This fear quadruples when we are away from home on travel. But, I don’t want that fear to prevent us from taking trips together and exploring the world because let’s face it, travel is so much better when you have a furry friend along for the ride.

This is why I was so thrilled to hear about Nuzzle™, a new GPS Pet Collar, launching on Indiegogo this week.

Nuzzle Smart GPS Tracker for Cats and Dogs

This post is sponsored by The Nuzzle™ Smart GPS Collar and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Nuzzle Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign, but Beagles & Bargains only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nuzzle is not responsible for the content of this article.

Nuzzle Smart GPS Collar for Pets

Nuzzle is a lightweight, waterproof, durable, and fashionable GPS tracker for dogs and cats. It is there just in case your pet gets loose or is a master escape artist like Luna. With this new smart collar, you can check in on your pet from anywhere thanks to an always-on GPS and cellular connectivity. Nuzzle will show your pet’s location and current movement state (active, resting, walking, etc.), so you can also see what they are up to while you are away from home or at work.

You can also use Nuzzle to track your pet’s paths during walks or play to get a more accurate idea of how much distance they covered.

And on top of all of that, Nuzzle provides easy to understand pet insurance information with your pet’s medical records in the mobile app. A handy feature to have for vet trips, vacation, or in the event of an emergency!

Nuzzle GPS Smart Collar

But there are so many pet GPS tracking devices on the market!

This is true, but Nuzzle stands out from all the rest through the two key aspects.

First, Nuzzle is the ONLY smart pet GPS product on the market that does not require a monthly fee. Nuzzle is taking on the costs of the data plan on its own, so you don’t have to make room in your budget for extra monthly fees.

This is HUGE. I’ve always said that the monthly fee is the thing that has stopped me from really being interested in a GPS tracker for Luna. I would rather pay a bit more upfront than have to remember to pay ANOTHER bill each month. And since Nuzzle takes on the data plan costs themselves, this is an even better option!

And secondly, Nuzzle provides the easiest charging experience. The Nuzzle battery is removable from the collar (the black portion pops right out), so you can charge it without removing the collar from your pet. On top of that, Nuzzle is providing an additional battery with each Nuzzle collar purchase, so your collar is never left un-charged.

This is also a big step on the part of Nuzzle. Over time battery life naturally decreases, so having an extra battery from the get go is a great bonus!

Nuzzle GPS Tracker Mobile App

Each Nuzzle will be managed through a mobile app. The app itself will have two main screens. One for your pet’s profile, which gives you an idea of your pet’s activity throughout the day. The second is a Pet Map, which allows you to see exactly where your pet currently is and to set a virtual fence, known as a geo-fence. Whenever your pet leaves your geo-fence, you will be automatically alerted.

Nuzzle GPS Tracker Mobile App

Other Key Features of the Nuzzle Collar

The Nuzzle Smart Collar will feature impact detection, so you will be notified if the collar has been hit hard allowing you to immediately check on the safety of your pup. Hopefully they were just roughhousing, but if an accident does happen, you’ll know right away.

Nuzzle Collars will also include temperature monitoring, so you will be notified right away if you your dog is outside in the cold for too long.

Although Nuzzle comes with its own nylon collar, the GPS tracker can be easily detached to and then reattached to your dog’s own personal collar or harness.

Nuzzle Logo

How Can I Buy a Nuzzle?

Right now Nuzzle is raising funds for the new pet collar GPS through an Indiegogo campaign. The funds will allow Nuzzle to create a prototype and start manufacturing the collar.

After just 2 days, Nuzzle has already raised almost 1/3 of their $75,000 fundraising goal!

If you support Nuzzle from the beginning, you will get a special deal on your Nuzzle GPS Collar. But hurry, there is only a limited number of discounted Nuzzles available!

For more information and to pre-order your Nuzzle, visit their Indiegogo page!

Learn More About Nuzzle

You can learn more about Nuzzle by visiting or by following HelloNuzzle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out the Indiegogo Nuzzle Collar Campaign!

Has your pet ever gotten loose? How did you get them back home safely?

Jessica Shipman
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