Welp. I’m pretty sure I can say with 100% certainty that I have already failed at my New Year’s Resolutions.

Eat better? I like to think the two bottomless brunches I’ve done this month count towards that.
Work out more? Well I did go to the gym yesterday.
Blog more often? Welcome to my first blog post of 2016… on January 21st.

Luna got sick and tired of my lollygagging, so she took control and wrote her own blog post. She figured she could do a bit better at setting and sticking to this whole resolution thing.

Luna's New Year's Resolutions 2016

Luna’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Eat better.
And by eat better, I mean eat more. A lot more. The trick here is to become a better liar. I’ve got two people who don’t always have the same schedule. One usually feeds me when the other isn’t looking, so I should be able to get a meal out of each of them, but I’ve been slacking. Two meals a day just isn’t enough for my eating habits.

Get more comfortable at home.
It’s not that I’m not comfortable, but I’m not comfortable enough. Some nights I still wait for my people to go to bed. Why should I let them dictate that? Also, they use way too many of my blankets and pillows. I need to work on making it clearer that everything soft and comfy belongs to the dog.

Exercise more.
Specifically get outside and run more. I love running. There is no feeling like when my ears flap in the wind and my tongue sticks out of the side of my mouth as I run down the sidewalk dragging my people behind me. But the best part of getting outside and running is the snacks left behind by silly people who think that their half eaten piece of pizza is ruined when they drop it on the ground. I say it makes it even better!

Cut back on the bad stuff.
And eat more of the good stuff. Enough with lettuce and other veggies. Bring on the pizza, cheese, loaves of bread, and bully sticks!

Luna sets her New Year's Resolutions for 2016

Get Social.
The camera loves me and I know it. I’m not shy about admitting that, but sometimes I do get a bit shy when my people try to take my picture. I’m going to try to smile more for the camera. I think they’ll like that and give me more treats.

Be Honest.
I don’t know how many times I’ve held my tongue and haven’t spoken my honest thoughts when my people leave something on their plate after a meal. Don’t they know you are supposed to lick the plate clean?! I will be quiet no more!

Travel More.
I’d love to see the world. Specifically the world’s largest meatball, pizza, and apple pie.

Try Something New.
2016 will bring new smells, new snacks, and new people to lick. I haven’t eaten everything in the world yet, so there is much left to be devoured!

So here’s to 2016! Let’s see how Luna does with her resolutions this year.

Did you or your pet set resolutions this year?

Jessica Shipman
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