I wear slippers around the house all the time. My feet are always cold, but I hate wearing regular shoes and socks because my feet can’t breathe! Plus, I find slippers easier to deal with and more comfortable than shoes. They also protect my feet from spots where Ralph decided to lick the floor or overflow spills from the dogs’ water bowl.

Even though I wear them for a practical reason, I still make sure my slippers fit my personality. Bright colors, fun patterns, and anything dog related is a sure win for me. So of course, when Bunnyslippers.com reached out about their brand new Beagle Slippers, I jumped at the chance to try them out (and on)!

Beagle Slippers make great gifts for dog lovers and dog moms alike!

As soon as my Beagle Slippers arrived in the mail, I was ecstatic. They were so cute. I just couldn’t contain myself. I had to show them. Of course, the package came in the middle of the day, so I kept them on until my boyfriend came home and then immediately trotted over to him to see how quickly he would notice. Of course, he loved it!

Show off your dog mom pride with dog breed slippers like my Beagle Slippers from BunnySlippers.com #sponsored

These slippers are goofy and fun. They remind me of all the fun slippers I used to have as a kid. They are one size all, so if you have small feet they might feel a bit big BUT they are still super comfortable and cozy to wear. I personally think any dog lover would LOVE a pair of Beagle Slippers or a pair resembling their favorite breed. Upcoming Mother’s Day gift idea, perhaps?

I’m not so secretly hoping that my Beagle Slippers fit into my luggage for the upcoming BlogPaws Conference in May, so I can wander around the hotel and show off my dog mom (and dog blogger) pride! I certainly can’t think of a better or more unique way to show off my love for the Beagle breed than by wearing two adorable representatives on my feet!

Beagle Slippers make great gifts for dog lovers and dog moms alike!

Overall, I was super impressed by the quality of the slippers. While they aren’t really made to wear outside, I feel like they will hold up to my average wear around the house and while lounging on the couch. The Beagle Slippers feature the standard Beagle floppy ears and I just can’t get enough! Plus, they are super comfy with a cushioned foam footbed. The soles also have non-slip grips, so I don’t go sliding uncontrollably all over my (fake) hard wood floors.

Beagle Slippers make great gifts for dog lovers and dog moms alike!

Bunnyslippers.com has a wide range of dog breed slippers available, so if Beagles aren’t your thing (we are only judging you a little) you can find plenty of other breed options. From Poodles to Pugs to Corgis and more, Bunnyslippers.com has you covered! You can see if they have your favorite breed here.

Of course, Bunnyslippers.com has plenty of actual bunny slippers too. Get yourself a new pair of slippers that fit YOUR personality by visiting Bunnyslippers.com.

Beagle Slippers, Corgi Slippers, Pug Slippers, and more! Find your favorite dog breed as a slipper. Great gift idea for dog lovers!

If you have dogs that like to destuff fluffy toys (like mine), just heed one small warning. When not wearing your slippers, keep them up and away from your pups because they might not be able to keep their paws off your new furry friends. Also, don’t be surprised if your dogs are curious why you have toys stuck to your feet.

Disclaimer: Bunnyslippers.com provided product free to review. I am being compensated to help spread the word about Bunnyslippers.com and their Beagle Slippers. I received no other additional benefits for mentioning the brands or products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Tell us about your current slippers! Which dog breed slippers would you love to have?

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Dog Breed Slippers Make Perfect Gifts for Dog Moms and Pet Lovers! Beagle Slippers, Animal Slippers, Bunny Slippers

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