On the radio yesterday morning, one of the DJs said that if you didn’t have a reservation for Valentine’s by now then there was something up and that you wouldn’t be able to get one. I stopped and thought WHAT. Now I am going to starve on Valentine’s Day. So then I went and made the first reservation I could find. TAKE THAT RADIO DJ.

But anyway I guess it is almost two weeks until Valentine’s Day, so luckily I started making Valentine’s Day crafts before I even took down my Christmas decorations. Do you know how convenient it is that BOTH Christmas and Valentine’s Day are red? That is why you always check the clearance section!

I have a handful of DIY decorating ideas planned like hiding red and pink glitter in my boyfriend’s shoes and today’s Valentine’s Day Dog Silhouette Garland.

DIY Valentine's Day Dog Silhouette Garland

To make the the garland, first collect your supplies. Trust me it is better to have them all together at once then having to get up a million times because you keep forgetting something. You will need:

Scrapbook paper (3 pink, 2 black, and 2 purple in different patterns)
Cardstock paper (3 pink, 2 red, and 2 purple)
Heart pattern
Dog silhouette pattern
1 inch circle hole punch or circle pattern
White string or crochet thread
Glue stick
Pencil with eraser
Clear tape

You can adjust the paper how you see fit. I used the the 3 different pink patterns for the hearts, 2 different black for the dog silhouettes, and 2 different purple for the little circles. You can use more or less depending on your preference. I would recommended picking up a few extra patterns. You can never have enough scrapbook paper after all!

DIY Valentine's Day Dog Silhouette Garland - Dog Silhouettes

1. Cut the scrapbook paper to 8.5 x 11 if need be. Using the glue stick, glue each piece of scrapbook paper to a piece of cardstock. This will keep the cut shapes sturdy. If you don’t want patterns you can skip this step and just use cardstock.

2. Cut out your heart and dog silhouette patterns. You can find shapes pretty easily on Google Images. I’d recommend searching “heart clipart”, “dog silhouette”, or “[INSERT BREED] silhouette” for good shape options. If you don’t have a 1″ circle hole punch, cut out a circle pattern too.

DIY Valentine's Day Dog Silhouette Garland - Dog Silhouettes

3. Using your pencil, trace hearts onto the backside of the pink paper and the dog silhouettes on the backside of the black paper. If you don’t have the circle hole punch, trace the circles onto the backside of the purple paper. To make my version of the hanging garland, I used 33 hearts, 18 dogs, and 57 circles, but cut out as many as you want!

4. Cut out the hearts and dog silhouette shapes. Then either cut out or punch out the 1″ circles.

DIY Valentine's Day Dog Silhouette Garland - Hearts

5. Erase any remaining pencil marks from the hearts, dogs, and circles.

6. Cut 6 pieces of string about 6 feet long.

7. Layout all the shapes on the floor and rearrange them until you are happy with the way your garland looks. I recommend arranging the whole thing before attaching any of the shapes to the string.
UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that laying out the shapes on the floor with many pets may not be ideal. I have long ago accepted having dog hair in every craft I make. If you would like a cleaner finished product, you can also do this on a table. We just don’t have one big enough.

8. Once you are happy with the layout start attaching the hearts, dogs, and circles to the string with the clear tape. Tape on the non patterned side of each shape. Space the shapes 1-2 inches apart. Continue until finished.

9. Using the tape attach each piece of garland to a door or wall. Repeat until done.

DIY Valentine's Day Dog Silhouette Garland

You can also make horizontal garland to hang from a banister, mantel, or on a wall. The vertical Valentine’s Day Dog Silhouette Garland would also work well hanging in a window or a door way in the same way hippies would hang a bead curtain.

If dogs aren’t your cup of tea (WHY NOT?!), you can trade the dog silhouette for a silhouette of a cat, chinchilla, llama, pterodactyl, or even mix and match!

If you give the Valentine’s Day Dog Silhouette Garland a try, let me know how it goes. I’d love to see the results!

Will you be decorating for Valentine’s Day this year?

Jessica Shipman
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