In just 10 short days, Luna and I will pack the car and begin our road trip down to Nashville, TN for the BlogPaws Conference. We’ll be chauffeured by my boyfriend and will make a vacation out of the trip. Since we are a bunch of procrastinators we don’t know where we will stop along the way yet, but we’ll end up in Nashville on Wednesday, May 27 for the conference.

Since Nashville is known as Music City for its importance in the music industry and country music, I wanted Luna to have her very own personalized cowboy hat to wear at the conference. With all the neon lights and bling in Nashville, I thought rhinestones were the perfect way to personalize her cowboy hat. Plus, don’t we all want to be a Rhinestone Cowboy?

DIY Rhinestone Cowboy Hat for Dogs

DIY Rhinestone Cowboy Hat for Dogs


Basic Cowboy Hat for Dogs
Tacky Glue

Supplies needed for a DIY Rhinestone Cowboy Hat for Dogs


1. Remove any existing decorations that you don’t want to include. If a decoration is attached and too hard to remove, you can always cover it up with your own.
2. Pick a color scheme. I decided to go with red and white.
3. Cut a ribbon large enough to go around the base of the hat’s crown. Glue the ribbon ends together. You can glue the ribbon to the hat or leave it loose if you want to change the hat’s band.
4. Glue rhinestones in your desired pattern around the edge of the hat’s brim. The glue will dry clear, so draw a line around the edge with a glue and then add the rhinestones rather than gluing each one individually. It will save some time!
5. Attach rhinestones to the front of the crown in your desired design. Your dog’s name or initials are a great idea for this featured design!
6. Let dry! Then your dog can model her new hat.

Luna models her Rhinestone Cowboy Hat

How would you personalize a cowboy hat for your dog?

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