A few weeks ago I came across a three pack of patriotic red, white, and blue themed duct tape for only $2! I immediately made the purchase, but had no idea what to make.

I tried to make a duct tape rose, but man is that time consuming!

So then I made a quick and easy wreath to celebrate July 4th (and my birthday), but I still had tons of tape left to use.

Wreath made from some patriotic duct tape.

That’s when I took one good look at Luna and told her “You know you look really good in bow ties.”

So I set off to make duct tape bow ties for my dog.

Larger bow ties for dogs!

Duct tape (any pattern works)
Craft knife (X-ACTO or similar) or Scissors
Surface for cutting

1. Cut off one long piece of duct tape. This piece will be the main color of the bow tie.
8 inches makes a bow tie about 1.5 wide. 16 inches makes a bow tie about 3 inches wide.

Measuring duct tape for bow tie - Step 1

2. Fold the piece in half, so that none of the sticky part is exposed.
Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly straight. Just trim the edges a bit.

Fold over duct tape - Step 2

3. Fold the edges of the tape to meet in the center and connect them with a piece of tape.

Start forming bow tie shape - Step 3

4. Cut off another piece of duct tape. This piece will be the center color of the bow tie.
About 2 inches for the smaller bow tie or 4 inches for the larger one.

5. Fold this piece longways into thirds, again so there is no more sticky stuff.

Fold center piece of duct tape - Step 5

6. Fold the larger piece of duct tape into thirds and cinch in the middle with your finger.

Form bow tie - Step 6

7. Wrap the smaller piece of duct tape around the middle and connect with another piece of tape.

8. To add a collar connector, measure your dog’s collar and cut a piece of duct table about 1.5 inches longer.
Keep in mind the size of the clasp or buckle if you want to make the bow tie removable.

9. Cut about half an inch off of each side, but leave a little at the bottom.
The piece of tape should kind of resemble a top hat.

10. Fold this piece of tape over in thirds, like step 5.
On each side of the tape, there should be a sticky side exposed.

Connect bow tie to collar - Steps 8-12

11. Connect on side to the middle of the bow tie and wrap around your dog’s collar.

12. Connect the final sticky side to the middle of the bow tie.

Now encourage your dog to strut down the runway with their new bow tie!

Luna models a mini patriotic duct tape bow tie

Luna models a mini patriotic duct tape bow tie

For more duct tape ideas, check out my DIY Duct Tape board on Pinterest. Be sure to follow Beagles and Bargains if you haven’t already!

Jessica Shipman
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