I have spent nearly all my life around pets, especially dogs. I always had a special bond with the pets I grew up with. I’d show them love and they would give me love right back. They might even eat a homework assignment or two.

When Luna entered my life in October 2012, she became my first pet that I did not rely on my mom to feed, bathe, and take care of (She’d probably argue that she has done plenty of pet sitting though.)

On that October day when I took Luna home for the first time, I had no idea what was to come. We were both starting an adventure where everyday became a Recipe for Moments.

Luna, I'll always be your shoulder to stretch on. Recipe for Moments.

Luna, I’ll always be your shoulder to stretch on. Recipe for Moments.

Dogs are notoriously friendly when greeting someone at the door. Luna fits that mold perfectly.

She says hello in a way only she could. Her whole body wiggles so violently that she might knock a few things over, but its perfect because she is wiggling just for you.

I have always loved the end of the business day just as much as the next person, but I never thought the first five minutes after returning home would be the best five minutes of every day.

I wish that moment could last forever.

Annoyances from sitting in traffic, reflections on a bad work day, and stress about being late to yoga all disappear for a brief period of time.

The second my key turns in the lock and I step inside, Luna leaves her lazy day spot behind. She grabs the first over sized toy she can find and wiggles and wiggles and wiggles.

Luna leaves her lazy day spot for a beautiful and wiggly moment. Recipe For Moments.

Luna leaves her lazy day spot for a beautiful and wiggly moment. Recipe For Moments.

My dog may have great abs from all that wiggling, but she also has a good heart. A heart that can wipe away all my worries, if even for just a moment.

Those moments are the ones I look forward to most.

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What is your Recipe for Moments?

Nature's Recipe For Moments

Nature’s Recipe For Moments

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