A few weeks ago, we headed to our local PetSmart to pick up a 3-month supply of Wellness® CORE® for both Ralph and Luna. Last month, we accepted an opportunity to try out this new-to-us food. We have been long time fans of Wellness through their treats and Complete Health lines, so it was a no brainer to try out CORE. Right now, we are in the middle our 3-month trial of this protein-packed dog food.

Luna can't wait to try Wellness CORE dry dog food. We're choosing the Wellness Difference!

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Wellness graciously provided us with a gift card for Luna’s meals over the next three months. I decided to go ahead and switch both dogs over to this new diet, so I am purchasing Ralph’s food myself. I decided to switch Ralph as well mostly for my sanity of feeding the dogs a similar meal, but also to get another perspective when writing about our experience. I had heard great things about CORE, so I had no doubt that both dogs would do great on their new diet.

A three month supply for two dogs equates to quite a bit of food even though both Ralph and Luna are pretty small. Each dog eats about 1 cup of dry dog food each day. I wasn’t quite sure on how many cups were in a pound of dog food (Did you know it varies? The average is about 4 cups per pound, but higher quality foods are more dense and have fewer cups per pound!), so I decided to start with two 22 lb bags. Luna’s eyes lit up when she saw we were bringing home that much food!

Turns out Wellness CORE measures in at about 3.25 cups per pound, so these two bags should last us about 70 days. We might need to make another trip to PetSmart for the last month of the challenge, but I don’t think the dogs will mind.

Ralph and Luna go shopping at PetSmart for Wellness CORE

The Wellness Difference

Choosing your pet’s food is a careful balance of quality and price that can sometimes seem overwhelming when you first walk into a pet store. It is no easy task and one I have always taken very seriously. So when I had the opportunity to review Wellness CORE, I didn’t immediately jump at the chance for a few bucks or a few months of free dog food. I took the time to research and make sure that CORE would be right for my dogs.

I decided it was right for us and worth trying because I have always had a great experience with Wellness products and CORE had an excellent reputation. Plus, I was impressed by the ingredients and what Wellness stands for – The Wellness Difference.

Wellness CORE dry dog food - pyramid shaped kibble.

Wellness strives to create the healthiest foods for pets and that’s why their mission is plain and simple.

To help you provide your pet a healthy, happy, and long life through the power of natural nutrition.

To Wellness, it’s about being more than natural. It’s not about what is left out (no fillers or artificial ingredients) because to Wellness those are a given. It’s about what is put into the food – select simple and authentic ingredients.

It means every ingredient in your pet’s food has a purpose. Wellness researches ingredients until they are confident of health benefits for your pets. Then and only then do they craft recipes to include the right amount of each ingredient, so that you see a difference in your pets. Never do they include ingredients just to have a buzzword on the label.

Wellness CORE is protein rich and available at PetSmart

If you are like me, you hate buzzwords. Natural, organic, healthy, etc. What does it all mean? With Wellness you know, they carefully craft each recipe and only include ingredients your dog really needs.

Ingredients such as – high quality proteins from trustworthy suppliers, healthy fats to enhance skin and coat, fresh + dried fruits and vegetables, and prebiotics to stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your pet’s intestines.

Ralph and Luna’s Experience with Wellness CORE

I like feeding Ralph and Luna more exotic proteins, so I elected for them to try the Wild Game and Ocean Formulas. Both recipes are protein-packed! The Wild Game Formula features duck, wild boar, and rabbit and the Ocean Formula features whitefish, herring meal, salmon meal and menhaden fish meal. We are starting with Ocean and will switch over to Wild Game once it runs out.

Luna is enjoying the Wellness CORE Ocean Formula!

We’ve only been on the new diet for a few weeks now, but so far so good! We did have a few squishy poops during the transition, but I kind of expected that because it was a big change in their diet. However, now they have gone back to normal, so it’s nothing to worry about!

Both Ralph and Luna have coats as shiny as ever! I am still giving them a bit fish oil with their breakfast each day, but CORE seems to be doing it’s part. I also mix in a bit of water with their meals to help keep them hydrated. It makes a bit of a gravy, so the dogs love it!

Each pup is still full of energy and loves to get out for our twice daily walks – even though it gets darker a lot earlier now. We haven’t had any major changes in health and their eyes and teeth still look great!

Plus, the dogs absolutely LOVE the flavors of CORE’s high quality proteins and gobble up each meal with glee. I think they might think they are getting spoiled a bit! Which is fine with me because I love that CORE is nutrient dense, protein packed, and full of antioxidants and probiotics. It also isn’t full of unnecessary extras such as grain, corn, soy, wheat-gluten and artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Luna wonders whether she'll prefer the Wellness CORE Wild Game or Ocean Formula

This is only the first month of our journey trying out a Wellness CORE diet, so be sure to check back next month to see our progress. And in case you missed it, you can also read our introduction post focused on 5 Signs of Wellness in Pets!

And don’t forget to visit PetSmart to check out the extensive lineup of Wellness CORE and Wellness Complete Health products in order to pick the right food for your dog. You can find your local PetSmart by using their online store locator tool.

Wellness Pet Food Logo

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What key things do you look for when choosing your dog’s food?

Jessica Shipman
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