Okay okay. Luna isn’t exactly a small breed, but she is a lot smaller than most people think weighing in at just over 20 lbs. We love pups of all different sizes – big, small, and somewhere in between – so we are pairing up with the pet food brand, Taste of the Wild, to discuss important factors in picking a dog food for your small breed dog.

Luna with new formulas from Taste of the Wild

5 Factors to Consider When Picking a Small Breed Dog Food

1. Kibble size – Kibble size is one of the most common differences between small breed and regular pet foods. Small dogs have smaller mouths and often have trouble eating a larger kibble, so you want to make sure your small breed dog has kibble appropriately sized for them.

2. Protein and fat – Small dogs require extra nutrients to meet their needs, it’s important to choose a small breed dog food that has higher levels of protein and fat than ordinary dog food. Plus, you want to make sure the fats and proteins are balanced with other necessary nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

3. Ingredients – This one applies to all breeds. You want to choose a kibble formula with high-quality ingredients that is full of a quality protein.

4. Price – Here at Beagles & Bargains, price is a big factor in all the decisions we make. Very often, the higher the quality of your dog’s kibble, the pricier it is. Finding an affordable option is important and my rule of thumb is to buy the best you can afford.

5. Picky eaters – Many small dogs are picky eaters, which can be harmful to their health. Small dogs have a faster metabolism and need regular calories to keep them healthy, meaning skipping or only picking at meals is not an option. You want to find a balanced kibble that your dog will enjoy eating, but also provide them necessary nutrition.

Taste of the Wild's newest dog food formula - Appalachian Valley for small breed dogs

Taste of the Wild recently released a brand new formula geared especially for small breed dogs. This formula is called Appalachian Valley.

How Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Compares

The Appalachian Valley formula features a smaller kibble size to make chewing and digestion easier for small mouths. This small breed recipe is also formulated to meet these needs by offering a well balanced diet that is more energy dense with higher protein and fat ratios. This is great for active small breed dogs!

Venison is the first ingredient in the Appalachian Valley formula. This offers pet owners a unique, lean protein source that is highly digestible and heart-healthy. Additionally, all of the Taste of the Wild formulas are grain-free!

Taste of the Wild formulas offer pet owners a high-quality, grain-free option at an affordable price. A 28 lbs bag runs under $50 and if your house is like mine, a bag that size can last for 3 months or more!

The Appalachian Valley formula offers higher protein and fat levels, which allows finicky dogs to eat smaller portions and still meet their nutritional needs. It also means the cost of each meal goes down! Additionally, Taste of the Wild includes tasty ingredients like real meat, garbanzo beans, and peas to create a delicious tasting meal even for picky eaters.

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What factors do you consider when selecting a dog food?

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