This week I was all set on making the cutest heart shaped dog treats.

My vision? Twisted red and white strawberry banana heart cookies. They would have been so cute. And delicious.

I may dabble in the kitchen every so often, but I’m no professional baker. Although I do make a mean chocolate cake, every once in a while one of my attempts fails.

This was one of those times.

Instead of creating one red dough and one white dough, I created one brown dough and one even browner dough.

Heart shaped dog treats for Valentine's Day

Heart shaped dog treats for Valentine’s Day

I didn’t even think about the fact that whole wheat flour is brownish. Whiter flours like all purpose, oat, or rice would definitely work better when color is important. Of course picking a flour that works with your dog’s diet and allergies is most important.

I thought strawberries would be enough to color the dough pink or red. They weren’t. I really needed to use a natural food dye, like beet powder.

But you can’t find beet powder anywhere. Especially not in the middle of huge winter storm. Target employees look at you like your crazy if you ask, so don’t even try. I have a hunch Whole Foods might have it, so I’ll check there next.

For round two, I settled on natural unsweetened cranberry juice and added some extra flour to make up for the extra liquid.

I also switched over to all purpose flour. I would have preferred oat and/or rice, but again winter storm problems.

I kept the brown banana dough. I couldn’t justify wasting even more. Plus, brown and pink looks just as good as white and pink, right?

Luna steals a heart dog treat. I guess they aren't that bad.

Luna steals a heart dog treat. I guess they aren’t that bad.

I’m not even going to bother sharing my recipe. At the end I just started throwing things into the bowl. If you would like a reliable recipe for multicolored dog treats, I’d suggest you head over to Kol’s Notes.

Fortunately, you can hide not so perfect treats in cute containers.

I’ve been thinking about painting mason jars for a while. I have a problem with wanting to do too many crafts at once, so I buy all the necessary supplies and they just sit around for a while. Craft stores must love me and I hate them.

Heart cut out DIY dog treat jars for Valentine's Day

Painting the jars was pretty quick and easy.

Mason jars or recycled jars
Glass acrylic paint
Paint or foam brush
Removable adhesive – foam, vinyl, tape, etc.

Cover your table with newspaper for easy clean up.
Cut your adhesive into a heart shape, then stick on the jar where you would like the clear part to be. I used adhesive foam, but you could use masking tape or adhesive vinyl.
Paint the jar. I dabbed the jar with a foam brush, so it has a textured look.
Let paint dry for an hour or so.
Remove adhesive, making sure no residue is left behind.
Place jars in a cool oven and heat to 350 degrees F.
After 30 minutes, turn off the oven, but keep the jars inside until cool.
Once cool, wrap twine or ribbon around the top.

Heart cut out DIY dog treat jars for Valentine's Day

Heart cut out DIY dog treat jars for Valentine’s Day

If after all of that, you still have not overcome your Valentine’s Day mishaps, then just settle with eating a delicious cookie. If you are successful, congratulate yourself with a cookie.

Luna asks her cookie "Will you be mine?"

Luna asks her cookie “Will you be mine?”

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Jessica Shipman
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