What is FeatureFriday?

Luna and I will feature a special post on Fridays about something we think really needs to be shared. It may be an interesting story, a cool product, a fun recipe, or even a wonderful animal who needs a loving home. Today we would like to introduce you to Blind Tessa.

Who is Blind Tessa?

Blind Tessa is a Havenese mix who was saved from euthanization by the Bill Foundation. The Bill Foundation is a Los Angeles rescue that aims to give dogs a second chance. The Bill Foundation’s goal is to promote responsible pet ownership. When the Bill Foundation rescued Tessa, she had been abandon by her owners at a shelter and was in terrible condition. Fortunately, thanks to patience, love, and medical treatments, Tessa got her second chance. Watch her unbelievable recovery story below (and be sure you have a box of tissues near).

Tessa is still looking for a permanent and loving home.

Want more information about Blind Tessa or the Bill Foundation?

The Bill Foundation’s Website
The Bill Foundation on Facebook
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Tessa’s Flickr
The Bill Foundation’s Other Adoptable Dogs

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Jessica Shipman
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