Last week it was thunder storming during our training session, so we had it inside an empty horse barn. If you have ever been inside a horse barn or around a horse, you know even us humans can pick up plenty of scents. Luna went crazy! She was sniffing here, sniffing there and then running to the other side of the barn to sniff over there.

Luna loves sniffing horses!

Luna loves sniffing horses!

“Heel” practice was so difficult that we only moved about five feet. I guess the smell of horses over powers the smell of her cheese treats.

After struggling to walk and heel, we learn how to “finish” or “place” after recall. Our trainer taught us a few different ways to do it and suggested that we try them all before determining what worked best for both of us.

Outside of classes we have been working on our three minute sit stays and recalls. Luna gets a little impatient at the end of her sit stays and starts whining and complaining, but usually keeps her butt on the ground. She is doing well at her recalls if there is a treat involved, so I will be carrying plenty of treats with me at BlogPaws.

BlogPaws will be a big test for Luna and her training. She has only been to a few other events that have had tons of people and pets. She is usually nervous and takes some time to adjust, but is always well-behaved. Her biggest fault is her pulling and we have been working on that too!

Luna and I plan to head to BlogPaws a little early on Thursday to both get adjusted and comfortable. We will probably be at the hotel by noon, so if you see us feel free to stop by and say hello!

Jessica Shipman
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