One of my favorite ways to save a little money is to make special occasion treats for my pups right in my own kitchen. The dogs like it too; so much so that whenever our kitchen timer goes off Luna thinks whatever is in the oven must be for her.

I have found that basic (high quality) biscuits are often cheaper to buy than to buy the ingredients. They are also great to have on hand, so I usually keep a box or two around. But, special treats for birthdays, holidays, and other special events are usually a bit more pricey.

Luna enjoys her Egg Scramble - DIY Easter Brunch for Dogs

The brands and stores know you are buying something special, so you might be willing to shell out a little extra cash for it. I think it’s especially true around the holidays. The cute, but somewhat gimmicky treats and toys are marked up quite a bit.

Because of this, I love making Luna (and now Ralph) yummy homemade treats that are worth celebrating. Plus, making your own dog treats has a few benefits!

Benefits of Baking Homemade Dog Treats

It can be cheaper!
You know exactly what the ingredients and where they came from.
You know what your dog likes, so you can customize it to their palate.
You can easily incorporate things you already have in your kitchen.

Delicious dog friendly pup pies with blueberries and chicken!

19 Easy Dog Treats for Special Occasions


Apple Crunch Pupcakes
      by Miss CandiQuik

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Chinese New Year

Fortune Cookies
      by Sugar the Golden Retriever

Super Bowl

Super Bones
      by Irresistible Pets

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Healthy Sweet Potato Chips

Valentine’s Day

Strawberry Banana Carob Marble Dog Treats
      by Kol’s Notes
Valentine’s Day Pup Cakes
      by Irresistible Pets
Potato Carrot Banana Heart Treats
      by Sugar the Golden Retriever
Heart Shaped Cranberry Cookies for Dogs
      by The Lazy Pit Bull


Bunny Bones
      by Irresistible Pets

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Oat and Apple Pretzels
      by The Cookie Rookie


Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats
      by Dog Mom Days
Easy Cheesy Candy Corn Treats
      by Kol’s Notes


Thanksgiving Thumbprint Cookies for Dogs
      by Kol’s Notes

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Thanksgiving Pup Pies


Snowflake Cookies for Dogs
      by The Lazy Pit Bull
Carob Mint Bones Dog Treats
      by Kol’s Notes

Celebrating Luna's Fourth Birthday with WellyChef Birthday Burgers

Do you ever bake for your pets?

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