This Sunday, August 18 is Bad Poetry Day. The super talented Oz the Terrier and Ku from Haiku by Ku have issued a challenge to see who can write the worst poems! Luna and I thought we would take a crack at it. Writing terrible poetry may come a little too naturally to us…

Luna the Tuna rolls in the grass.
Wiggling and rolling in the sun
That is what this Beagle does for fun
She will watch you from four stories high
And let out an expressive sigh
She just wants you and her to play
Then to sleep the entire day
She is not a lover of art
Delicious snacks are the way to her heart
Luna the Tuna is not from the sea
She is a Beagle who is a little Puggly!

How do you think we did?

Bad Poetry Day

Jessica Shipman
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