Don’t get me wrong, I love snuggling with Luna. She keeps me warm on cold nights and company when I am lonely. But lately she has been clingier than plastic wrap (excuse my cliche, but I don’t know what else is clingy).

She has been so clingy that she uses me as a pillow.

Luna needs a pillow

She tries to fit in the most impossible places.

Luna tries to fit.

She will not even let me play any Candy Crush.

Luna plays Candy Crush.

She has even tried to go to IKEA with me.

Luna goes to IKEA

And she absolutely thinks that we share the same food.

Luna wants food.

So after some creative thinking I came up with two solutions to cure the excessive clingy-ness.

Solution 1: Place dog bed on couch. Give yourself enough room to move, but place it close enough so your dog knows you are near by. The snuggly quality of the bed and the close proximity keeps Luna happy. She will stay like that for hours.

Luna enjoys the new placement of her bed

Solution 2: If the first solution did not work, try rolling your dog into a blanket, burrito style. A warm and fluffy blanket will easily solve any snuggling desires, especially if you stay close by. Worst case: you will at least get a good laugh.

Luna is wrapped in a blanket

How do you avoid getting snuggled to death?

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Jessica Shipman
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