Have you ever been on a trip with your dog and had to lug around a big bottle of dog shampoo in case there were any unexpected messes? Or worse, been on a long trip and FORGOT your dog’s shampoo and then a giant rain storm came through as you were hiking in the middle of the woods and suddenly your dog was a giant mud monster?

No? Well it happened to me on our road trip to Nashville for BlogPaws in 2015. I had to scramble to find dog shampoo in a local store and then had an extra item to pack on the way home.

I certainly learned my lesson, so I started carrying around tiny sample packets of shampoo or full sized bottles. Both options technically solved my problem, but they each had their own problems.

The small samples were really just one time use, so for longer trips I’d have to bring a bunch. Since they were small in size, it was sometimes difficult to find them quickly or without digging through the bag I packed them in.

The larger bottles didn’t have those problems, but they are heavy and bulky which isn’t ideal when you have limited space for what you are bringing with you.

Then I heard about the Woof Pouf® and knew we just had to try it. Not only does saying Woof Pouf put a smile on my face, but it has also made bath time a bit easier and more enjoyable for all of us.

Ralph is excited to try Woof Poufs from Absorbine

The Woof Pouf is a convenient and ready to use bath pouf designed specifically for dirty and smelly dogs. Each pouf has built-in soap beads, so all you have to do is add water. Then BOOM! you have a rich lather that will have your dog clean and smelling great in no time.

Absorbine® is the company we can thank for this brilliant and innovative product. Currently they offer two different types of Woof Poufs from their brands ShowSheen® and UltraShield®.

Absorbine UltraShield and ShowSheen Woof Poufs

The ShowSheen Woof Pouf (blue) contains special Ordenone® soap beads that are designed to eliminate the toughest odors, even skunk smell! In fact, the Ordenone Complex is a concentrated compound that works to trap and neutralize smelly odor molecules, which is what allows your dog to go from super smelly to fresh and clean. Built in conditioners also leave your dog’s coat soft and shiny.

The UltraShield Woof Pouf (green) contains soap beads infused with natural herbal extracts that repel fleas and ticks. Oils from thyme, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, clove, and geraniol provide a gentle, but effective solution against fleas and ticks. This is a great choice for camping trips!

Luna gets a bath with an Absorbine UltraShield Woof Pouf

We’ve been using natural flea and tick care for the past few years with great success, so I’m thrilled to be able to add this tool to my arsenal for keeping those pesky creatures away and keeping Ralph and Luna healthy, safe, and clean. I’ll definitely be bringing an UltraShield Woof Pouf on all our future camping trips.

Both lines of Woof Pouf are sulfate- and paraben-free. Each Woof Pouf can last up to 15 washes, which is perfect when traveling. It is also super light weight (like any regular bath pouf) and doesn’t take up much space at all.

Ralph gets a bath with an Absorbine UltraShield Woof Pouf

Another added benefit, is that if your dog is super dirty you don’t have to use your hands to scrub them clean. That’s what I always used to do and when there was a lot of mud involved it wasn’t always fun. The Woof Pouf takes the brunt of the dirty now, which is one of the reasons why I use them at home as well as during travel.

During our road trip in June, we brought an UltraShield Woof Pouf with us. We used it to clean and freshen the dogs up before the BlogPaws Conference kicked off and then again after we went to a dog friendly beach in California.

Luna gets all sudsy from an Absorbine UltraShield Woof Pouf

Once we were done, I just hung it up to dry like any other shower pouf. For transport, I just tossed it in an empty grocery bag and then popped that into the dogs’ suitcase.

Woof Poufs retail for about $7 and right now you can save $1 by vising Absorbine’s website. You’ll find them for sale on a variety of online stores like 1800PetSupplies and Amazon or you can find a store near you.

Ralph and Luna are happy after their Woof Pouf bath time!

What do you use to keep your dog clean?

Disclaimer: I was sent product free and compensated to spread the word about Absorbine UltraShield and ShowSheen Woof Poufs. I received no other compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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