I have put a lot of thought into this decision and have decided to move forward with rebranding Beagles & Bargains under a different name. I decided to annouce this change today, because today kicks off the April A to Z Challenge. This means that over the course of the next month I will be blogging every day (but Sunday) for a total of 26 blog posts. Don’t believe me? I did it (and survived) last year and you can check out those posts here.

So you have probably already noticed the new header and background. And I know what you are thinking – Is she NUTS? Yes, probably, but we aren’t talking about nuts here. We are talking about Bagels.

Bagels and Bargains - A to Z Challenge

I’m sure you still have quite a few questions running through your head. Why on Earth? What about Luna?

Don’t worry. Luna is not going anywhere. In fact, she is on board with this change. It’s a hard life being in the limelight all the time, so like Zayn she is going in her own direction – straight to the couch.

I think she is also banking on some extra breakfast items laying around the apartment and for a dog who comes running when you ask if she wants brunch that is like hitting a HUGE gold mine.

The answer to WHY is probably not as far out of left field as you are expecting. I started this blog to write about the things I love – my dog (A Beagle) and my obsession for deal finding (The Bargains). In doing this, I completely neglected my other favorite B word – Breakfast.

Bagels and Bargains - A to Z Challenge

How could I forget the best and most important meal of the day?

Maybe Luna ate all our Bagels that day and it completely slipped my mind. Maybe I was too hangry to think straight. Unfortunately, for that I can’t give you an honest answer.

But, never fear! Breakfast will be neglected no more!

Luna has been hogging all this blog’s attention for a little too long, so now and henceforth, this blog will be known as…

Bagels & Bargains

Bagels and Bargains - A to Z Challenge

Also, A is for APRIL FOOLS!

Come back tomorrow to see what is in store for B.

Disclaimer: One bagel was harmed in the making of this April Fools Joke.

Did you miss the fun? Check out what the blog looked like on April Fool’s 2015 here.

Because we acted a little FOOLISH today, this is also our submission for this week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge. If you’d like to see more photos from our 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge, you can view them all over in my Flickr 52 Snapshots of Life photo album.

Don’t forget to visit last week’s post where how SPRING is going so far and come back next week to see us count our BLESSINGS.

B is for Beautiful, but Deadly Easter Flowers >

Jessica Shipman
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