FinnHowardOur pet blogging friends Finn and Gizmo have declared April 26 to be Park Day! What is Park Day? It is a day to celebrate the outdoors and springtime weather by hiking or just enjoy a park. Check out Finn’s blog post for more information.

Last weekend Luna, my boyfriend, and I went to a small park called Red Rock Park. It has several hiking trails that overlook the Potomac River. Although the trails were only a maximum of a mile long, we tried out Luna’s backpack. It was nice for us to not have to carry her water or other supplies and it did not seem to slow her down at all.


Since the trails were not very long, we went on several different ones. My boyfriend and I also packed a picnic lunch that we had overlooking the river. Luna enjoyed the view and the few pieces of my lunch she managed to steal.


The weather was nice. It was a little chilly since we were in the shade, but we loved being outside.


We were all a little disappointed that we did not see very many wildlife creatures. We only saw a few birds and squirrels. One woodpecker did seem to be following us though!


We cannot wait to get out and hit the trails again! Hopefully this weekend!


How was your Park Day?

Beagles and Bargains is happy to be participating in Park Day hosted by Gizmo and Finn and the FitDog Friday Blog Hop hosted by Peggy’s Pet Place and SlimDoggy.

Jessica Shipman
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